Legalize ALL Drugs! End the “War on Drugs”

Cops Say "Legalize Drugs"

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This is another war that I would like to see ended.

Nov 12, 2012 by

Stephen Downing, a retired deputy chief of police for the Los Angeles Police Department and Terry Nelson, retired from Department of Homeland Security on why they support treating addiction as a health problem and are for the total legalization of drugs.

Is The War on Drugs “All About the Money”?


The Global Banking ‘Super-Entity’ Drug Cartel: The “Free Market” of Finance Capital by Andrew Gavin Marshall

A World of Hillbilly Heroin by Chris Hedges

Obama and Romney: Start Debating the Prison-Industrial Complex by Ralph Nader + Professional Prisoners in Russia

Noam Chomsky talks with High School Students on Occupy, NDAA, Education, Syria and the Drug War

Ending the War on Drug Users by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

Charles Shaw: The History of Police Militarization in the U.S. (must-see)

Michael Parenti: Justice For Sale

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