Israeli Refusnik, Maya Yechieli Wind: Israel is a Nation of Soldiers

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breakingtheset Nov 21, 2012

Abby Martin talks to Maya Yechieli Wind, an Israeli activist and dissenter, who advocates against Israeli aggression toward occupied Palestine.

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15 thoughts on “Israeli Refusnik, Maya Yechieli Wind: Israel is a Nation of Soldiers

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  9. What a brave and principled young woman! Do we need to look any further for the right kind of enlightened leadership for tomorrow than this, when our presently dysfunctional & damaged thinking has finally become obsolete, and political psychopathy is only a matter of historical record, no more than an etiological curiosity, to be studied by the intelligent, inquisitive youth who have managed to escape the tyranny of ghetto and apartheid?

    • Thanks, David. Yes, she is incredible. Maya is a hero for standing up for human rights regardless of her own freedom. Her voice needs to be heard by many, many more youth in Israel and around the world. Please share this blog post.

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