Owen Jones: What Really Happened In Gaza 14-22 November 2012

Dandelion Salad


On BBC’s Question Time on 22.11.12, journalist Owen Jones described the reality– largely ignored by the mainstream media — of Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza, 14-22 November 2012, that left close to 160 killed, over 30 of them children.



A Deadly Déjà Vu–Operation Pillar of Cloud by Clive Hambidge

Gareth Porter: Hamas Has Been Willing to Negotiate a Peace Deal Based on ’67 Borders

Ceasefire: Egypt Manages the Crisis; More US Arms for Israel

Israeli Refusnik, Maya Yechieli Wind: Israel is a Nation of Soldiers

To Hell With Israel by Finian Cunningham + US Money and Policy Makes Israeli Attack on Gaza Possible

Gaza Is A Window On Our Coming Dystopia by Chris Hedges

Who Started It? + Protests Erupt Worldwide Against Israel’s Bombing Campaign in Gaza + Israeli air strikes hit Palestinian PM’s office


11 thoughts on “Owen Jones: What Really Happened In Gaza 14-22 November 2012

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  11. You are absolutely right! The occupation should be ended. Equal rights for Arabs and Jews. The U.S. and U.K. have certainly thrown their considerable weight behind Israel, not only by arming it, but by giving it money to carry out these dastardly deeds. I LOVE your solutions. They are so practical and feasible. Let’s do it. Let the wild ruckus begin! The global civil society needs to back you in these proposals. We CAN have peace, lasting peace in the Middle East.

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