The Stimulator: The End of THEIR World

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Nov 30, 2012 by

1. Pajama Jammy Jam
2. Egypt’s Re-Revolution
3. NATO 5
4. Molotovs for Alex
5. Spain’s anti-video ninja laws
6. Like pigs in milk
7. I’m moving to Indiana
9. Natives stop gas pipelines

6 thoughts on “The Stimulator: The End of THEIR World

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  5. I support the Gixtan and Wet’swetian nations in stopping the oil pipeline and other incursions into the land they steward. I am very interested in the concept of decolonization methods. It might be productive to collaborate with the Jeju Island movement to stop construction of a military base.

    • Good comment Ariel.
      I note Mel Bazil (ff 12.40) tells us that in his native language, law and responsibility are synonymous concepts.
      Now that’s a crucial lesson all self-professed “leaders” ought to absorb. It should be broadcast in nine foot high neon letters in every major trading centre on Earth and on every university campus.

      Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who recognises that diet and behaviour are closely linked: it adds a whole new resonance to the meaning of “feed-back” ~ maybe “bite-back” is equally applicable…
      Respect the indigenous gate keepers, they are supreme ethical examples to emulate, tell the kids ~ Jeju forever!

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