Michael Ratner: Bradley Manning Testifies About His Torture

Hero, Bradley Manning

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Nov 30, 2012 by

Michael Ratner: Manning describes cruel and unusual punishment; offers to plea to lesser charges.


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6 thoughts on “Michael Ratner: Bradley Manning Testifies About His Torture

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  5. Extraordinary.
    As Michael Ratner makes clear, the ideal would be to have the US government in the dock. If the Internet is our best court of public opinion, then that is already the case. The litany of crimes is endless.
    These monsters should be reminded of Shelley’s “Ozymandias.”
    Maybe we should arrange to send the top mighty US “elites” their own personalised embroidered copy on a pillow slip, with a miniaturised logo of a cage, just as an aide memoire to lucid dreaming.
    Bravo Michael.

  6. Well, I applaud his courage. Not too sure about the charges I say let him go free, What about the secrets in the closet? We are one world they need to start acting like it. Then we will actually become it. Who’s at the top? They will not if they continue to treat its people the way they do. Order or not. They need to start behaving honestly.. Considering our governments past. It’s present. And our future.. They are really being quite a tad to hypocritical. Love ya’ll Smooches = )

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