Exclusive: The Destructive Elements of Jewish Recruitment of Christian Zionists by Rocket Kirchner

by Rocket Kirchner
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Dandelion Salad
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December 3, 2012

Good Friday - Crucifixion of Jesus BW

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St. Paul said that “the Jews are the enemies of the gospel”. He ought to know, for he was its fiercest enemy before his road to Damascus conversion. All through history they have been the enemies attacking it, seeking to stop it in one way or another. First by bloody persecution not only in the death of Jesus, but killing their own fellow Jews that believed in Him as their Messiah who was called the Prince of Peace. Love was never on the preconceived idea of Israel’s Messianic agenda. And it sure as hell (by the way they are acting) isn’t on their agenda today either.

When the Messiah Jesus came he reversed all their expectations of what they thought the Messiah would be. They wanted a Messiah to kick ass and take names. In many ways when they were under the yoke of Roman oppression one can rightly understand why.

However, this is not, nor has ever been the freedom that the God of Israel had in mind as shown in the Prophetic Canon. The Hebrew Prophets were concerned about loving God and others, and railed against social injustice. They spoke out for the orphans, the widows, the poor and oppressed just as Jesus the Messiah did. And they paid the price for speaking truth to power to their own people.

So here we are in the 21st Century, and if the Jews can’t persecute the Christians, they are doing something worse: they co-opt the gospel for their own ends in order to deceive many sincere believers into supporting present day Israel who treat the Palestinians as bad as the Nazis treated the Jews. Shame on these Jewish recruiters! I have just listed one destructive element: violent oppression. But there is another one that very few people want to talk about. And that is this: They mislead those who are seeking to follow a peaceful Messiah to financially supporting a violent nation. Imagine if you will all the Christian Zionists renouncing their support of Israel and actually doing what the Messiah Jesus said.

Well, what did He say? He said, “You have heard it said to love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you to love your enemies and pray for those who despitefully use you.” There are many more things he has said. Many more. And they ALL run in direct conflict with not only what the nations of the world are doing but with a nation that should know better, namely Israel. When I talk to Christian Zionists who have been brainwashed by their Pastors, who were brainwashed by a Jewish recruiter, I always ask my fellow Christians this question, “Tell me, what part of Jesus’ sermon on the mount don’t you understand?” They look at me like I am a hater of the Jews, which in reality I am not nor ever have been, because I have at least told my Jewish friends the truth, they won’t. Instead of telling them the naked truth about their own Messiah, they think they have done their divine obligation by supporting a propped up nation made by mere man.

So, not only does the Christian Zionist aid in oppressing others, but in the millions they are not really following Jesus, nor are they spreading the Good News to the Jews. They want to see Israel succeed because they want to see themselves succeed. They are playing a mirror image game of deceit and idolatry with a nation that is on the brink of collapse, and their faith will collapse with it. For as Jesus the Messiah said to his fellow Jews, “You will not see me again until you say Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord”. The land in the Middle East cannot be ruled properly unless the Messiah is ruling it with men and women who have had changed hearts, hearts of love. And until that happens, every penny that goes to Israel is destructive of human life, waters down and erodes sincere faith, and in the end holds up the progress of the final destiny of the world.


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43 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Destructive Elements of Jewish Recruitment of Christian Zionists by Rocket Kirchner

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  3. Of course the suffering of the Palestinians is horrific. I have spent time in the west bank and seen it first hand. And I am no friend of Christian Zionists.

    But you article over-generalizes. There are many Jews who are actively opposed to the policies of the Israeli government, including groups such as Peace Now, B’Tselem, Rabbis for Human Rights, etc. Generalizations about any group are always inaccurate.

    I am a historian by training and profession, so perhaps I see these things differently. But as a historian I have to point out that the claim that the Jews brought about Jesus’ death is one of the oldest canards in the history of anti-semitism. The historical fact is that Jesus was crucified, a Roman method of execution. Attacking Jews as “Christ-killers” is anti-semitic, as any study of the topic will tell you. (See also John Dominic Crossan, Who Killed Jesus?)

    The claim that the ideals that Jesus proclaimed trump Jewish historical behaviour is another anti-semitic canard. It very conveniently plays down the fact that the followers of Jesus have all too often failed to live up to Jesus’ ideals for the past 2000 years. In fact, the major reason that people reject faith in Jesus is because of the behaviour of his followers, in the past and in the present. And the history of the church’s persecution of the Jews is a big part of that picture. Fortunately, such attitudes are starting to change (see, e.g., the Vatican II decree Nostra Aetate, which specifically repudiates the claim that the Jews were responsible for the death of Christ).

    Moreover, I don’t agree that the Jews treat the Palestinians as badly as the Nazis treated the Jews. Is Israel building crematoria for Palestinians? Are they making lampshades and soap out of the skin taken from their dead bodies? These are things the Nazis did to the Jews. Please don’t misunderstand me: I am not for a moment trying to justify the horrific suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli policy — what the Palestinians are going through IS absolutely terrible, and I totally agree with your and Hedges’ support of the Palestinians. But I also believe that historical accuracy is important; inaccurate analogies do not help make our case. And after 1500 years of Christian anti-semitism (again, see Carroll’s book) it is important for Christians to be fair in the way we speak of Jews — including when we criticize the policies of the Israeli government.

    • Continued from my earlier comment:
      Anger at Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians does not justify a statement like “All through history they [= the Jews] have been the enemies attacking it [= the Gospel], seeking to stop it in one way or another.” This is simply historically false, vastly over-generalized, and irresponsible in light of what actually happened in the history of Christianity. In fact, for most of the past 1500 years in the west it was Christians who were attacking Jews (laws against Jews, ghettoization, pogroms, the Inquisition, etc). That terrible history provided the background for the racial antisemitism of the Nazis, which resulted in the Shoah. The rationale for the Shoah was not strife between two nations — it was pure hatred for Jews simply because they were Jews. And Christian anti-semitism prepared the way for that.
      I totally understand and agree with your critique of Christian Zionists. But much of what is written in this article reflects a sense of Christian theological superiority over Judaism as a whole (“the Jews”), which is simply the same old anti-Jewish attitude that has characterized most of the history of western Christianity.
      To cite Paul saying “the Jews are the enemies of the Gospel” out of context gives the impression that Paul himself wasn’t Jewish — and of course he was, as were Jesus and all the early Christians. If you want to quote Paul, how about Romans 11:1 “I ask, then, has God rejected his people? By no means!” and Romans 11.29 “for the gifts and the calling of God [for both Jews and Christians] are irrevocable.”

      • Dear Sir response to your comment

        The rationale for the Shoah was not strife between two nations — it was pure hatred for Jews simply because they were Jews. And Christian anti-Semitism prepared the way for that.

        Hitler and his aids to steal the Jews money engineered the Shoah or Holocaust. And to get that done a massive propaganda campaign to spread around things not true to the under educated citizens of Germany was in place all over Germany. Julius Streicher was one of the propaganda lynch men for Hitler he was found guilty and was sentenced to be hung by the Nuremberg Tribunal.

        Julius Streicher ISBN 0-88029-199-0 By Randall L. Bytwerk

      • Tim , again i must point you to the work of Art Katz. Let us go back to pre-christian era shall we. there was a reason theologically why the jews were handed over in diaspora to Gentile nations and empires . that reason is pointed out in the Pentateuch ”if you forsake and disobey me you will be scattered amongst the nations ” in Amos ch 9 , the prophet says ”i will sift you among ALL nations ”. ALL means ALL .

        Paul warns the church in Romans for us not to be ignorant of the ”mystery of Israel, lest we become wise in our own deceit ”. Christians have become wise in their own conceit . paul warns that we can be cut off too .

        Look for one last Diaspora where the scattering becomes a final sifting . the christians job after Israel collapses is not to shun the jew but to love them and take them in . This is the sacrifice of the gentiles . for in their one last persecution from the nations , and one last gasp of unbelief before they believe that Jesus is the messiah , it may very well cost those of us that are christians our lives to help them just like Bonhoeffer and Kolbe did during the German WW2 . it took stephen’s death to plant the seed of love that converted Paul .

        one thing is for sure –present day Israel is a fraud of a nation that has been foretold to bless the familys of the earth .

    • Tim , read Carrol and Crossan . great writers. read Art Katz’s ”the holocaust, where was God?” and he explains the culpability of the jews in regards to ”delivering him up to the Romans ” . The Romans had final say . Let us look at the big picture: Stephens speech in the book of Acts which even Pagels does not deal with in her work ”the origin of Satan”. Stephen before the Sanhedrin shows a linear pattern of ”covenantal failure” about a stubborn and disobedient people .

      since there is no ”statute of limitation ”on a crime , Eichman was executed in that regard as Arendt pointed out in ”The banality of evil ” . there is then no statute of limitation time wise in regards to what the jews have done to the prophets and the messiah . their double standard is glaring . their so called social justice a mockery .

      the goal of Nostra Aetate was to foster an open dialogue with the Jews . So during the council the Church had to make a diplomatic move. i helped set up a dialogue here at our parish with the local jewish community to which i am related . however , the rabbi here from Israel started trying to recruit people to Zionism . As far as the Nazis and the Jews , just because there is not lampshades yet , there is Leibenstruam going on with Israel toward the Palestinians. I am familiar with the jewish resistance groups to this madness , and i commend them . that is not who i am being critical about .

      thanks for writing –nice to hear from an educated man . peace.

  4. In response to my posting I see that I now have to become a “follower” of Dandelion Salad. I refuse. I used to subscribe to their e-mails and I cancelled. Precisely because the editors can’t tell the difference between good journalism and ignorant things like this piece.

    • No one “has” to become a “follower” of this blog to post a comment. Where did you get that idea from?

      If you used to subscribe, then you are familiar with Rocket’s work and it was up to you to not read it if you don’t appreciate his work.

      And there is one editor, and that’s me.

  5. (As requested, I am copying this from my posting on the Chris Hedges page on FB.): I protest this posting! Why is this here? It is a vile piece of Christian anti-semitism. What about the centuries of persecution of Jews by Christians — who didn’t follow the way of peace and love that Jesus taught. At the very least, the author needs to read about the real history of Jewish-Christian relations, e.g. James Carroll’s Constantine’s Sword.

    • Thanks for putting your comment here for the author to respond to your criticism.

      What I find “vile” is the occupation of Palestinian lands and the murdering of children. Have you seen Occupation 101? You can watch it here: https://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/occupation-101-video-watch-while-available-over-18-only/

      Have you read any of the blog posts on the War on Gaza recently? You can find those articles along with video reports here: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/israel-gaza-palestine-war/

      I’m Jewish and do not find this article antisemitic.

      In regards to the persecution of Jews throughout the centuries by those who call themselves Christians, obviously they were not following Jesus’ words. Two wrongs never make a right.

      Why was the link to this article posted on the Chris Hedges Group on Facebook? Because Mr. Hedges has written a book about Christian Fundamentalists and he has written and spoken out against the occupation of the Palestinians.





      • In defense of my King the Lord Jesus Christ
        By Dwight Baker

        Jesus blood sacrifice atoned for all the sins of All of mankind
        Therefore Temple worship was not needed any longer.
        The Sadducees ruled over Temple worship and received the treasures taken in
        The Sadducees were Jewish ruling family they were the elites and their lifestyle proves that through archeological digs behind the Temple mount.
        The Sadducees did not believe in a life after death but the Pharisees did.
        Jesus was a Pharisee HE taught in their synagogues on many occasions.
        HIS words prior to HIS death about how in three days after the Temple was destroyed HE could rebuild it is often thought about things still to come but that was not consistent with HIM talking about HIS death and then in three days HIS resurrection.

        Therefore what HE proved was that a mortal man could become immortal not loosing who HE was as a man. That in essence it what being filled with the spirit of GOD or the HOLY GHOST is all about? But on that line of thinking goes. When a person is filled with the HOLY GHOST as fully explained in the Biblical Text that person has a direct connection with GOD as HE helps them through this life, because GOD is building HIS KINGDOM now and HE does that by personally instructing those HE has chosen.

        Yet when Rome declared that the Christian religion would be their own that was left out. WHY? Rome wanted to rule over those many thousands maybe millions using a hierarchy of priest to do Rome’s bidding and they have been doing that since 300 AD.

        CONCLUSION: The Jewish people loved my KING then, and Jesus loved them.
        Many of those that claim to be JEWS today ARE NOT. And those that ARE NOT is a story in itself that is simple to understand but not on this subject matter at this time. END those today who profess to be Christian that have denied the NEW BIRTH or being BORN OF THE LIGHT OF GOD have taken away the power of our LORD JESUS CHRIST that HE alone deserves.

    • i agree generally, but there has been from the beginning, a current of real hatred for jesus in judaism, but it is only a current, relatively small..there was also real hatred of the hasidim by the mitnagdim, when the teaching appeared of israel ben eliazer, the baal shem tov, which is about life, and quite similar to the teaching of jesus, …
      rocket is an interesting character, he definitely has his “christian soldier marching as to war” moments…

      • Peter , i am marching toward peace and against all war…you should know that about me now. an interesting fact which i know you know is that the many jews of the Lubavich groups that i met at Yeshiva university , and the ones i talked to in the Sneerson messianic movement do not recognize the present state of Israel until the Messiah comes .

        i talked to the head Rabbi in NYC for days that believes that Sneerson who died in 94 is the messiah . we found a lot of agreement ! we both agreed that there is no way that jews can rule righteously until the messiah comes , and that israel is a mess because of it .

        of course we both agree to disagree about who the messiah is , but at least these cats got the right idea about the failure of the state , and that it was propped up by unrighteous war and oppression . i can hang with those kind of antizionist jews .

        • the zionist state is an idol born of despair, although the creation of an idol is understandable, given the jewish history in europe, culminating in the shoah…the modern hasidic groups are very far from israel ben eliazer, they are only left with the hasidic form, but little substance…schneerson the messiah!!??it’s just another example of pitiful clinging to external form, though he was a real rabbi-teacher.
          .the basic practice of traditional judaism, to make holy every aspect of existence, is not bad at all, but again, it is today largely weighed down with form, and a murderous theme of judgement…on the other hand, you might check out neturei karta they are some swinging cats, as we used to say in another time…

  6. You are generalizing and stereotyping and adding to the problem. When you say “the Jews” or any “the” followed by a group you do a disservice to yourself as a human and to all humanity. Each of us is an individual and no one deserves to be treated as targets of conversion or worse. We each need to grow spiritually on this planet of children and see the other as a reflection of ourselves. Do NOT exacerbate the present problems by saying “the Jews” killed Jesus. Believe what you will, but I hope you will see that for us to welcome a Messianic era we must all believe it can Be. There are fanatics and extremists in any faith and none. Each of us must take responsibility for our actions. “Don’t do unto others that which you find abhorrent to yourself.”

    • Tangenjill , The Jews did kill Jesus. and so did I. but 38 years ago i repented. they have not. the evidence that they need him is the way Israel treats and oppresses today. it is cruel. the Messiah Jesus offers real peace an the alternative to this oppression.

      i don’t seek to convert jews to becoming gentile Christians, but rather to become real jews by stopping all of this stubborn unbelief in their own messiah . I am not adding to the problem, i am proclaiming the solution. this is what love requires –to speak the truth.

      • it was the roman empire which killed jesus twice, once when they crucified him, (the preferred roman empire form of execution) and twice when they took over christianity and made it a religion of empire…in this they were certainly aided by some of the teachings of paul, a strange dark creature who reminds me a little of rocket..

        • Peter , you forgot about one last crucifixion of jesus : your hating him . your rejecting him . i understand . i hated him too . but his love broke thru anyway . stop the blame paul game and name calling , and stop being so damn stubborn and just accept christ into your heart once and for all . then just maybe that strange darkness you talk about will leave you and you will be filled with light .

        • it’s a sense i get-or got about paul, i trust my intuition…i don’t know where you get the idea i hate jesus, although i could say the same for you with your unending christian-religious blabber, christian-religious blabber has nothing to do with jesus! do you think that pure point of love, wants anything of you other then its resonance? do you think the word messiah or definitions like jew or christian have anything to do with the reality of that love?

        • Peter , my frustration as said to a good friend of mine that we have known each other for years but think that my faith is nuts , is this : once jesus was revealed to me i am talking about a person i know . when everyone else talks about him , they are talking hearsay . this is not blabber . i would be more than glad to shut up about christ if people would just cease resisting him and for crying out loud cross the threshold and see what is one the other side. you want to talk about a pure point of love ? this is it ! the most cruel thing i can do is withhold this news from people .

          i have had people come back to me years later and thank me for pressing the point.

        • Rocket,
          Jesus promotes some in the Kingdom to do the calling, BUT GOD is the one that does the choosing. Your use of the word Blabber is not a good term, for Jesus does not use idle words that have no meaning. And HE does not inspire those that work for the Kingdom sake to do so.

          Many think that we must some how make people to commit to accept HIM, WHY? Because this is just one more pitiful error that has come down through time but has nothing at all to do with our mortal lives here on earth.

          Those who are trusted to work in the Kingdom will in some way began to see that the JESUS in them is the example that will draw people to knock on Gods door and try to get HIM to answer. Choosing is up to GOD and not man.

          The same is true in the death of a mortal. Some have been taught wrongly that unless one accepts Jesus he or she is doomed to the devils hell [what ever that is] but that is wrong and to prove that point we must only look at the examples help in history. Google the Noahcide Laws and read what the Rabbis thought and taught long before Jesus came. Good men and women have a place in the world to come [what ever that is and when]

          Your message awakes the inner man to think and re think his or her position in life IN TOTAL. And that is where it all begins when self-actualization takes hold and the hearer becomes his or her own judge.

          Yes, all want peace love friendship and those who believe in long suffering for the sake of their fellow man, but most of those things and matters will only be seen by a handful of close confidants — for that is the way we were created, TRIBAL in nature.

          So when we get over being a LIFE INSURANCE salesman and get with the greater parts of living in the here and now the more we will be able to see that huge masses waiting to here the GOOD NEWS that JESUS made a way for them to live now as mortals but with an eternal view by being BORN AGAIN. And once that takes hold then they alone will seek some will knock and in some cases GOD will answer and if HE chooses they too will get a job to work in HIS KINGDOM.

        • when you explain “good news” it is not banal, but the way rocket uses the words, they are. ..and he follows them with a threat… all these words though, yours his mine are absorbed into the love which is the true experience of jesus,..

        • they are not resisting jesus, but something else..anyways it’s not your job …love is love. it demands nothing. only love answers love. what you perceive as resistance makes you fight harder..so you become a christian soldier MARCHING..does love ever MARCH?

        • Peter , i agree with your remark december 7 11 pm remark! its so true . they have replaced the demands of christ to forgive and love to supporting and propping up not only Israel and its repression but also the repressive elements of their own nation. sad!

  7. +5321`”Blessed are the peace makers!” The sensible factions of all differing faiths and none need to reign in the fanatics of all faiths and none. You won’t convince the Jews of Israel by trying to convert them. Live and let live

    • Tang- i believe in live and let live and so does the jewish messiah jesus . but Israel believes in ”live and let die”. this must change, not by force but by the one who not only said ”blessed are the peacemakers” but who also said ”repent and believe the good news , or you will all perish”.

      There will never be peace in the middle east without a deep inner change. Yeshua ( jesus ) came to bring that deep inner change . but they reject him and settle for a false messianic vision of political power. i am speaking truth to that power.

      • jesus is talking about life as opposed to sin judgement and death….he would never have said something as banal as believe the good news…good news- as in you won the lottery!? or you will perish..a threat?…
        not to say that christian soldier rocket has not sussed something out, which is that in religious terms the state of israel is an idol, whose worship leads to death….and goes against the basic teachings of the two faiths….

        • Jesus is talking about life as opposed to sin judgment and death….he would never have said something as banal as believe the good news…good news- as in you won the lottery! Or you will perish, a threat?…

          Dear Sir,

          Your choice of the word Banal clearly proves that you DO NOT ACCEPT what JESUS did and for whom!
          Banal —– trite, ordinary, commonplace

          Then as to Rocket and what are his words music and mission I suggest that he has been chosen by GOD to work in HIS KINGDOM.

          The warmongers holding the land of Israel and its people hostage are NOT JEWS. They are from Georgia Russia they are white Wicca’s. They discovered long ago after the leader made Judaism as the nations religion to milk that religion for all it was worth to them in MONEY!

        • Peter in answer to your dec 6 response –yes …love marches. there is a downside to those who reject the good news of Christ’s salvation, and that is damnation. take his words as a whole, don’t just cherry pick the easy sayings.

          I call this ”the obstruction of Mercy”. to reject the mercy that was accomplished on the cross by christ leaves one with no plan B. if you hear of a plan B then what you have in that message is mere new age crossless prattle. like it or not, love (real love) not sentiment.. requires that i press the point . For as Hamlet said ”sometimes you must be cruel to be kind”.

          As far as living the gospel for others , you would have to be around me to see that i run my nights at the soup kitchen, for the homeless, my free concerts and letter writing to prisons, my anti-war stance and protests ..etc.

          again –it is what love, not sentiment requires.

        • And part of this also Peter is to speak out against christian zionists and jewish recruiters. again–it is what love requires. and yet those who side with the Israeli oppression say that i am loveless and call me an anti Semite. its an absurd accusation. what is loveless and antisemitical is the killing of innocent arab children. maiming them. blowing off their arms and legs. why is this happening? because the jewish mindset in power has accepted a false messianic vision of political power. why did they accept that false messianic vision ? because they rejected the true one, which jesus came to offer the good news ( yes ..there it is again the good news ) of forgiveness and reconciliation with God and man . even you admitted on your earlier post that christ came to shift things away from the law to forgiveness.

          so why do i get grief for proclaiming that? i am not the problem. but those who reject this reconciliation have to blame someone. these people just want to fight because their deeds are evil, and their hearts are unconverted to divine love. and no program or peace process will ever change that. they must repent ( which means in the original greek –”to change your way of thinking”).

        • Peter, nature abhors a vacuum. ergo, Israel has rejected the Messianic peaceful vision of Jesus of Nazareth, its not like nothing just happens. that ”Messianic impulse” must go somewhere. where it went was in the opposite direction. Hence anti-peaceful acts of destruction have followed. For as Marcus Aurleius said ”that which does not advance goes into retrograde”. Or to quote one my fav historians howard zinn ”you cant stand still on a moving train”.

          So … what to do? re introduce them to the original vision of the Messianic kingdom that is within you.

        • Rocket,

          NOW I know you. I just finished watching a few of your videos and you can pick and sing. I would put picking first and singer next.

          I watched the video where you talked about playing in clubs instead of churches.

          I agree totally.

          I was taught a wrong-eyed faith but when I could I run from it. Running didn’t help much at all but HE got me back and —- as you HE chose me. But I had to knock and knock finally I got him to open the door.

          Yep the rocky roads in life will make some wake up that we are not alone and there is a lot better way to ride the roads of life.

          Keep doing what you will and over time we will meet.

          Dwight Baker

        • well “christians” above all have rejected the spirit and the teaching of jesus, which is forgiveness…as for that terrible entity the state of “israel”, it is an idol and death is it’s fruit.

  8. I was becoming politicized when Bush was running for a 2nd term and I was told from the pulpit of Big Calvary that we needed to vote for the “godly candidate” and I knew what that meant. I never sat in that church again and in fact protested there w/ Muslim friends and others when Gen. Jerry ” Warrior of God” Boykin toured there preaching the decimation of Islam countries by the “Christian” US Armed Forces. The sheep are indeed that. I disagree that they are not Christians. They are Christians like the Germans who participated in the oppression of Nazism, “good” Christians, but not godly or accurate. How surprised many Christians are going to be someday to find out they were part of a political propaganda campaign – all those impassioned posts supportive of Israel, using OT verses, never thinking through that the spiritual Israel and the physical Israel are two different animals, that God is reaching out to all, yes, even Muslim and Palestinians w/o bias. Killing a people is never a good prelude to the act of showing them Christ’s love.

    • Sharon you are right on!

      Some see the needs of the billions but what then?

      Away in the distance from most views billions are suffering but who will get the call to go and do something about it?

      Some see and think wrong and fix the ideas that the rich just do not see?

      But I contend that the rich do see for they set the stage of the suffering today 30 to 50 years ago. And some in the highest powers of the super rich have been on the witchcraft timetable for hundreds of years.

      They view ALL outside their walled up towers, mansions and iron gates as seeing mere mortals born to make them richer. That has been the work of witchcraft from the beginning time.

      And those ideas go far back to the time that Cain killed Abel.

      So we can talk and talk and try to conjure up some false ideas why the rich turn away from those billions suffering, but the bottom line is that they see mere mortals as those born to sacrifice their lives for those in power.

      WHY say that? That is a truism in witchcraft. Human life outside their clans is nothing but more meat to put on the altar.

      The battle between the SONS OF LIGHT against the SONS OF DARKNESS will never be resolved by man for that is just the NEW WORLD ORDER working. Yet WHAT CAN BE DONE by you and me?

      Fix what we can and be happy in doing take care of the widows and orphans, give a helping hand to those whose pocket books are empty and give solace and words of cheer to those who we seek out to save from the NEW WORLD ORDER wicked ways.

  9. BEWARE of Paganized Romanized Religious principles and practices

    Paganism had been set firmly in motion prior to the advent of Jesus Christ. How and why are good questions and the only answer that I have is that was in line with the COSMIC plan and play that God wrote for man. In essence the true test for HIS creation man was CHOICE.

    Rocket words are good and correct but the thing to be added is that most Christian’s circles of influence today are Paganized Romanized Religious ZEALOTS loving war no matter the cost. Thus their CHOICE between the SONS OF LIGHT and the SONS OF DARKNESS has been to join up with the Doomed Dark Souls of mankind.

    OH YES more could be written and said but WHY? Lovers of the LIGHT need NOT to be instructed more and those that lust to be a part of the warmongers full of hate for mankind simply DO NOT FEAR GOD and in that they HATE THEIR FELLOW MAN.

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