UK Orthodox Jews protest Zionism

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PressTVGlobalNews, Dec 7, 2012

An outcry of British Jews against Israeli tyranny. That was the title of the protest held by dozens of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews outside the Israeli embassy in London.

They got together in a unified stand to condemn the Zionist regime and its mistreatment of Judaism and religious Jews.

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  6. I’d like to think more people are beginning to get this message. Jews criticising the State of Israel are not “self-hating” ~ that is the twisted rhetoric of “zionism” (it does not merit capitalisation) deployed to pillory intelligent dissenters, like the brilliant Norman Finkelstein.

    Amos Oz may escape the worst of this litany of abuse because he uses humour to such powerful effect. Humour and satire redeem our humanity, whereas confrontation provokes retaliation.

    A fine example is Bill Maher’s 2008 documentary “Religuous.”

    The master of Jewish comedy in my opinion is, of course, the impeccable Jackie Mason, recently retired…lighten up “Israel.”

    • David , these are my kind of Jews . they understand the Prophetic Canon that makes clear that Israel cannot be ruled in a true form of righteousness without the leading of the Messiah . I have talked to these serious jews about this in NYC . We agree to disagree on who the Messiah is , but the premise is the same : Israel cannot lead its own people in the land without the Messiah . And as you have mentioned ..Finkelstein , and might i add Chomsky a secular jew understands the nature of the basic premise of decency and an ethos that is fair and square.

      when i saw Chomsky here one guy stood up and blurted out ”you are an enemy of Israel!” To which Noam replied ”thank you for the compliment. that is what they called Elijah the Prophet too”.

      • Indeed.
        Of course the most uncomfortable messianic concept, guaranteed to raise most hackles and ruffle the well-preened feathers of the dogmatically secure Israeli exclusivists, is to acknowledge Mohammed as the best contender for authentic Abrahamic redeemer and reformer.
        But then we find ourselves in even deeper waters, what with current Shiah twelfth Imam beliefs and so forth.
        Personally, I cannot accept any “one and only” solution, because it simply doesn’t make sense. In my view every new esoteric dispensation must be conditional, both by definition and of necessity. Humanity needs regular ethical upgrades ~ progressive formulaic adjustments to rectify and improve our religious and moral codes.
        New strokes, new folks, updates and innovations for different places and epochs.
        The issue then is, how do we adjudicate legitimacy?

        • David , the adjudication of legitimacy must run in an absolute parallax with the present state of Israel working definitionally within a Judaic context. There are 2 types of Hebrews in the O.T. one is exclusive and the other is inclusive .

          The exclusive texts would be Ezra and Nehemiah , while the inclusive would be the Book of Ruth and the gospel of Mark . Since God is infinite love, it only stands to reason that the inclusive is the route to go in order to express the divine heart .

          I would respectfully disagree with you that Mohammed is the best contender . why ? because he was not a practicing Jew who took upon himself all prerogatives of deity like Jesus did by forgiving sins, accepting worship etc. also , Jesus was a practicing Jew from the Davidic blood line who was actually more than a contender but actually a threat to the established order . And still is . When you add his unwavering pacifism … i cannot think of a greater threat to the exclusivist Judaic tribal order , both then and now .

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