Noam Chomsky: President Obama Is The Major Human Rights Violator in the U.S.

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with Noam Chomsky

by Jovana Vukotic
Voice of Russia
Dec. 11, 2012

#3 Noam Chomsky

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Magnitsky Act implementation and uneasiness in US-Russia relations, NATO approving the deployment of Patriot missile interceptors to defend Turkish border with Syria, modus vivendi in which there could be a reduction of violence in Syria, chemical weapons issue, Hague tribunal and economic crisis in the EU – these issues Voice of Russia discussed with Noam Chomsky a famous American philosopher, linguist, and political activist. Continue reading

“Death by Stupidity” by William Blum + Untold History of the United States–World War II

by William Blum
Featured Writer
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December 11, 2012

Anti-War, No Nukes Rally in Central Park

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“Nuclear, ecological, chemical, economic — our arsenal of Death by Stupidity is impressive for a species as smart as Homo sapiens” 1

The hurricanes, the typhoons, the heat waves … the droughts, the heavy rains, the floods … ever more powerful, ever new records being set. Something must be done of course. Except if you don’t believe at all that it’s man-made. But if there’s even a small chance that the greenhouse effect is driving the changes, is it not plain that, at a minimum, we have to err on the side of caution? There’s too much at stake. Like civilization as we know it. Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere must be greatly curtailed.

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