In Memory Of A People With A Land by Soraya Boyd

Gaza Shifa Hospital, November 20, 2012.

Image by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation/TURKEY via Flickr

by Soraya Boyd
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Facilitate Global
December 14, 2012

A wailing poignancy tearing at the very heart of a much troubled core
Drenched in a blood soaked landscape incessantly scarred by murderous lore
Powerfully bearing witness to insatiably violent gratuitous gore
No-where to escape from the invasive putrid sore
No-thing but wrought brutality and slaughter oozing from every pore

The weighted thundering silent haste of marching troops
Trampling savage echoes of sordid homicidal boots
Oblivious to the maddening wanton trail let fly indiscriminate shoots
Confining the grief-stricken captive air in deathly coops
Whilst uprooted ancient olive trees deeply weep for their severed roots

High up above skies infinite presaging coloured azure tones
Speedily bring forth unrelenting buzzing of deadly drones
From the depth of dread incomprehensible an innocent affrighted babe soundlessly groans
While the sanguined entrails of the land itself emit heart wrenching moans
A bereft generational repository mournfully binds together blood, tears and broken bones

Soraya Boyd is Founder and CEO of Facilitate Global. She can be contacted at


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  7. The utter iniquity of this drone terrorism is frankly, beyond words ~ so far beneath contempt, as to be the final straw that has broken any possibility of trust in a government that apparently extols and basks in the sophisticated delights of infanticide. This is ultimate porn. The cold, calculating, surgical pleasure these people display shows that behind their homicidal serenity lurk psychotic demons itching to “run amok” [Malay amoq: furious assault.]
    Pious state assassins are just sick bastards.
    There is no honour in acts of such cruel desperation, in these contemptible gestures of racist profanity.
    It seems that our self-proclaimed most “christian” country is also the world’s most bloodthirsty, and “proud” of it.
    If Jesus were patrolling the White House, what calibre would he prefer?

  8. Thank you for your powerful words. Of all the hateful sounds in the world, the sounds of machines that can kill us are the worst, and the sound of drones is the sound of oppression.

    I just wish that the people responsible for making the decision to use drones to kill people in foreign lands, the people who sit comfortably in Nevada at a computer who navigate the drones to kill people, and the Americans working in factories making drones in Oregon, all have nightmares in which they hear the drones and feel the terror of the people they are attacking… and that they also feel the grief of the families and friends of those who are murdered for crimes they may or may not have committed. We’ll never know if the people killed by drones were terrorists or guilty of any crime because they were not given a trial, fair representation, deliberation, weighing of evidence, or any kind of due process of law whatsoever before they were executed. We do know the 178 children who have been murdered by drones were probably not terrorists. So much for precision. But even if precision killing were effective, it doesn’t make it right.

    Sorry, this is a very sore topic for me.

    • Hello Ariel, thank you for expressing the depth of your sentiment so poignantly. From manufacture, assembly, distribution, marketing, sales to use of drones, all involved in this process need to become far more informed if their social conscience is to be raised. The aims: (i) to become aware of the grave responsibility each bears, (ii) to become a being of conscience, a peaceable being. In truth it is utterly unconscionable to wage illegal acts of aggression upon other people. The need to empathise to feel deeply each other’s grief and sorrow has never been greater. All life is hallowed. Living at a time of great universal deceit requires each of us to be far more conscious of the actual reality of our essential and fundamental being and becoming, and of our duty of care to one another as being part of one body: humanity. When we begin to do so we may approach good governance not through a defunct and unaccountable representative process but through a pro-active participative political process: where everyone assumes his or her responsibility until then regretfully, in the end, it is always the children who pay the greatest price.

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