What Jesus Said About The Bible: Is It Just Another Book?

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The Torah

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Day of Discovery

Jesus often quoted the Jewish Scriptures. He used them to create curiosity, break traditions, and answer questions in a way that penetrated hearts, stirred thoughts, and even angered the religious leaders of His time. Not only did His statements about the Bible challenge their thinking then, but His words also continue to raise questions in the minds of many today.

In this Day of Discovery DVD presentation hosted by Mart DeHaan, you’ll . . .

• Hear from several Bible scholars who have researched the reliability of the Bible.
• Take a closer look at the way Jesus interpreted the Old Testament.
• Gain insights to help you weigh the words of Jesus, which reveal that Scripture’s story is entirely focused on Him.

Discover for yourself why you can believe what Jesus spoke about himself in a book written more than 2,000 years ago.

Participants: Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, Craig Hazen, Mike Licona, Daniel Wallace, Michael Wilkins, and Peter Williams.

Watch via What Jesus Said About The Bible: Is It Just Another Book?


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