CHRISTMAS IN HELL: The sadness of those who feel alone during the holidays by Rocket Kirchner

Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.

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by Rocket Kirchner
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December 18, 2012

It is a known fact that there are more suicides and more people depressed during the holidays than in any other time of the year. Many of these people are just alone in society. Others are so overwhelmed with the sing-songy giddiness around them that it is just pure torture for them. The real irony is is that this is the exact opposite of what the holidays should be. This quandary reminds me of the famous quote by Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, “The weariness of long forgotten peoples hangs heavy on my eyelids”.

Another thing that adds to this loneliness of the holidays is having to face extended family or immediate family members who play judge and jury over them because they have not lived up to their idea of an ersatz social substratum. This kind of cruelty cuts deep. So, be they literally alone or around others, their gnawing isolation can cause such a mental downward spiral as to end in disaster.

Giving this yearly tragedy, I would like to propose that everyone who reads this to be extra aware of this problem this time of year, and act accordingly. When you see someone sad and disconnected from others, approach them and just talk with them. Spend some time just to listen to them. This suggestion is not some kind of pop psychobabble, but just plain old human compassion. There is no need to give advice, because most people just need to be listened to and to know that they have been listened to. What a difference it makes!

Listening is a powerful creative act. It is an act of healing. Some other ideas are to volunteer at homeless shelters or soup kitchens, or visit a prisoner. You can spend Christmas morning with your friends and/or family and that evening with someone who is alone, and has nothing. In fact, better than that: invite them over for some holiday chow. They will feel loved. And that is the bottom line. In this way you will discover the true meaning of Christmas and the joy it gives by being mindful to those on the extreme margins of our society. People don’t have to experience another Christmas in hell if they know somebody cares about them. If we don’t do it, then who will? If not now, then when?


The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl: Fairytale of New York

Dec 7, 2011 by

Official video for the The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl – Fairytale of New York. Arguably the greatest Christmas song of all time!

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23 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IN HELL: The sadness of those who feel alone during the holidays by Rocket Kirchner

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      • in my darkest hour during a major illness alone on Christmas day i could feel the comfort of the light of the world Christ in my heart burning . divine love burns away the pain of loneliness . if you were the only person who ever lived, Christ would have died for you . that is the value of your worth . that is the good news of the Christmas story . that is why he came.

        • OH NO rants you say, as you seem to know or better yet—-?

          Giving is an act inspired by my GOD. Giving is considered a sacred task that must be done. WHY?

          When one —- gets what he or she needs in an act of charity provided by a human even if it is in a brief time but that act allows our GOD to see his or her reactions as a sign post for HIM to refer to as time goes by.

          Does that make sense to any one but them and the one that gave? I seriously doubt it.

          So why try to follow our inner selfish self as it juggles the things that make sense to us if even in a sparse moment of time? Human rationale is often our worst enemy in giving to others for we let our human rationale remind us of our own hurts pains and held resentments when others have wounded us before even if it were for a brief moment of time and besides all of that we lived through it.

          So there you go —- back to the ghettos to try and find some one worthy to get a thin dime— Rockefeller did that long ago to the starving waiting in the bread lines. So what does a thin dime or bottle of beer or another litter of bad wine has to do about spreading some cheer during this time of the year. Then what does a smile or proper hand signal do for one just needing a thin dime, bottle of beer or more wine to put his or her brain in a deep freeze?

          I perceive to Rocket it has some Christmas semblance as it should to a songster poet and guitar picker, but for me and my house we think it is best to follow our senses led by our GOD and give to those who HE has chosen regardless of how much or how less HE suggest.

        • The Point

          Group therapy leads the no ones to no place. They are the no ones because of tags or brands put on them by others, often times the others is law enforcement or maybe worse.

          You mentioned the word rant goes to a group therapy meeting and you can be ranted to tears.

          So as Rocket said that all people to be listed to and that brings about healing and I totally agree, however there is a big gap in getting that done with homeless ones.

          That does occur in my life on a daily basis when ones coming by and dropping on me needs that need to be met or they are in double trouble. Yet in a sitting where the work they will not be honest all they want is the money. It has proved out to be a rocky road to try and help those along that will not be honest, and that means totally honest. They have the needs yet they will not look down the road to try and find a cure on their own. And when that subject comes up —-solving their own problems —they are ready to run.

          So then what is a better way — give a man a fish a day — or teach him how to fish.

          Lastly why make liars out of those who should solve their own problems. When giving charity the first thing that will come out of their mouths is “I will pay you back” and it seems they never do — and what makes that worse they said it —it is a lie — and I never tell anyone that I want to be repaid.

          So now that is the answer. But it needs to be integrated with what I have previously written.

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  6. Dwight , what i am asking for in this article is for people to give of not only their goods but their heart to those outcast . As Dickens said ”men who open their hearts freely ”. Dickens goes on to say that we are all passengers to the same grave , so basically why not ? that is the message of the Christmas Carol . and it is so true . it just takes a little mindfulness .

    we cannot save the world but we can lighten and save our little corner of it .

  7. Robbery is ALL around!

    Corporate America is out to rob cheat and steal and this is the best time of the year to do it.

    Corporate America is run by those inspired by Witchcraft and that is that.

    Corporate America has no conscience.

    NOW! Poverty is poverty and beggars are beggars and those who live that kind of life are to be looked upon with EYES WIDE OPEN. For at the end of the day each of those who have become impoverished and have become homeless hapless pitiful beggars have their own sad story, some are lies and many more are not. So for the few who do have EYES WIDE OPEN to hand out charity need to BEWARE and look for those worthy. WHY only the rich have too much money thus a surplus. But they are full of wickedness and witchcraft and they are not about to give even a THIN DIME.

    So that leaves the few that do and those that have EYES WIDE OPEN should do as you suggested and give to others that they deem worthy for that is the RIGHT THING TO DO.

    But then misery loves company and if the few that can give run to those full of misery they will certainly find those that will tell the tales from HELL or their renditions of their HELL —-WHY to get free money.

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