Tangerine Bolen: NDAA 2013 – Indefinite Detention Without Trial Is Back

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RTAmerica·Dec 19, 2012

If you have been following the National Defense Authorization Act, it is no secret that the issue is anything but a roller coaster ride. Last month the Senate approved an amendment that would prevent the military from detaining American citizens suspected of terrorism without a trial, but on Tuesday lawmakers dropped that same ban. Tangerine Bolen, founder and director for RevolutionTruth, breaks down what the NDAA could mean for Americans.

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Sainthood cause for Dorothy Day + Who is Dorothy Day? + Dorothy Day’s unpopular stance

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CatholicNewsService· Dec 12, 2012

Part I in a series examining the sainthood cause of Dorothy Day, an American activist and founder of the Catholic Worker movement. This segment examines recent developments in the canonization process.

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What Jesus Said About God: Is There A Higher Power?

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Day of Discovery

Travel to Jerusalem and examine the words of Jesus that reveal the existence of God. Join host Mart De Haan and several authorities as they engage in a captivating discussion. Gain insights into reasons for belief and unbelief in God. Discover whether you have reason to believe not only what Jesus said about God, but also what He said about himself as being equal to God.

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