Psychological Warfare in Palestine–Gaza’s Children Haunted by Nightmare of War


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TheRealNews·Dec 22, 2012

UNICEF report indicates vast majority of Gaza’s children are struggling to cope with war trauma and PTSD. This is the first of a two part series on the psychological toll the war and siege has taken on Gaza’s most vulnerable population. TRNN explores the Oum el Qurra school in the Tar el Hawa neighborhood in Gaza city where many of the students were still being pulled out of class for counseling one month after Israel’s eight day assault.

Mental health workers, psychologists and therapists are overwhelmed by lack of resources. The second part will explore what methods are being used to treat, rehabilitate and recover children and adults from war trauma.

Ahmed Deeb and Nosier Abdullah contributed to this report.


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  5. Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.

    It will take a lot to dislodge the Jews from Filastin.

    Before 1948, Filastin was ruled by a series of empires. “Palestine” was the name given to southern Bilad al-Sham (Greater Syria) in the second century by the Romans, in an attempt to break the Jewish adherence to the land. This was a century after the Temple (Beit al-Maqdis) was destroyed and more than a million Jews massacred.

    The Jews stopped fighting the Romans only after they had no more fighting men standing. Conservative Christian attitudes toward the Jews and Filastin can be epitomized by the words of Evangelist William Eugene Blackstone, who proclaimed in 1891 that “the Jews never gave up their title to Palestine… They never abandoned the land. They made no treaty, they did not even surrender. They simply succumbed, after the most desperate conflict, to the overwhelming power of the Romans.”

    The Jews persisted through the centuries under the various empires, after the Arab invasion of 635AD (which the Jews fought alongside the Byzantines), and after the Crusade massacres of the 11th Century, which decimated much of their population.

    Few in the Muslim Ummah know that Jewish customs, religion, prayers, poetry, holidays, and virtually every walk of life, documented for thousands of years—all revolve around Filastin and al-Quds. They pray for al-Quds in every prayer, after every meal, in every holiday, at every wedding, in every celebration. The whole Jewish religion is about Filastin and al-Quds. Western expressions such as “The Promised Land,” and “The Holy Land,” did not pop out of void. They have been part of Western knowledge and tradition dating back to the beginning of Christianity and earlier.

    After the Crusades, the Jews lived peacefully with Arabs, often in the very same villages, as in Pki’in, in the Jalil, until the Zionist immigration of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Article 6 of the PLO Charter calls for the acceptance of all Jews present in Filastin prior to the Zionist immigration. These Jews were simply another ethnic group in a region composed of Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Druz, Greek Orthodox, Catholics, Circassians, Samarians, and more. Some of these groups, like the Druz, Circassians, Samarians, and an increasing number of Christians, are actually loyal to the Zionist Entity.

    Incidentally, genetic studies show that the Zionist immigrants are closely related to groups like the Samarians who have lived in Filastin for thousands of years—a fact that Zionists view as a moral stamp of approval on their presence in Filastin.

    Few in the Muslim Ummah realize it, but it will take a lot to dislodge the Jews from Filastin, and, as described in Jonathan Bloomfield’s award-winning book, “Palestine,” learning the enemy is an integral part of planning the struggle.

    • I was listening to a conversation with Chris Hedges and Norman Finkelstein about his new book on Gandhi, and also some other talks he has given lately. There are glimmers of possibility for change, he thinks despite what he calls Obama’s stultifying narcissism.
      What you say about the deep roots of the history of the Middle-east is really interesting. It is only a love of the land that will bring people to rediscover tolerance to live together, and also the recognition by tyrannical deviants that their oppression is weakness, born of fear.
      America is determined to learn the hard way regretfully, we can only fix what can be repaired.
      Things that are beyond redemption must decline and disappear. All we witness it seems is pain and ruin in so many regions. It is an evolutionary warning, that we must heed or likely perish, unless we are fortunate enough to make a difference. It is powerlessness that is the worst fate, while those who are free must endure the horror of the knowledge of those who are unable to escape the merciless onslaught of brutal fanaticism.
      Have you heard this?

  6. The agony of this situation is devastating. What are we creating? What will this generation if it survives be like? The utter inhumanity of this hell on earth is inconceivable to any rational feeling person. So how is it possible?
    Those who can act and do something to change this forever, do nothing; those who can do very little are consumed with the horror of this abominable cruelty and paralysed by their impotence.
    The world is in the grip of psychotic forces. Any politician who prattles about freedom and rights but who does nothing to arrest these abominations, should be thrown out of office. Any CEO who purports to act on behalf of society’s best interests and does nothing to alleviate these atrocities, must be condemned. The United Nations is a ship of fools. The NATO alliance is a war-engine administered by chattering monkeys.
    Every individual who supports war crimes such as these by their complacency and inaction or through their greed and indifference, should be ostracised and ridiculed.
    We must speak out and demand real change, radical reform.
    The mainstream media bleats but seldom bleeds.
    Talk is cheap.

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