US Cities Struggling Post-Hurricane Sandy + D-15: Restore Power to the People

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Updated: Dec. 23, 2012

Occupy Sandy

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AlJazeeraEnglish·Dec 21, 2012

Nearly two months after Hurricane Sandy entire neighbourhoods are still covered in rubble, homes are infested with mold and hundreds of families remain without water or power. What’s the biggest problem? Guests: Aria Doe, Klaus Jacob, Joel Kupferman.


D-15: Restore Power to the People

OccupyTVNY·Dec 21, 2012

D:15 March in the Rockaways, where citizens, activists and community leaders demand change from the government and take charge themselves.
Two months after Superstorm Sandy the disaster is not over and relief needs are still great. Homes are uninhabitable with black mold taking hold, heat and electricity are still absent in many places. Yet the government response has been glaringly absent. As with Katrina and other recent disaster-and-recovery events city, state and federal agencies have handed off reconstruction resources and responsibility to corporations and markets. That hand-off has pushed affected people further out of their communities, further into crisis and vulnerability, and further from the decision-making tables that allocate public resources. Where government has failed, Occupy and other groups stepped in. But we now understand that climate change has turned a corner: we will be hard hit again by extreme weather events. And so we ask whose interests our government serves? Is it polluters, predatory lenders, and disaster profiteers? Or can we build a stronger, better, resilient New York where all of us, regardless of race, class or power, can weather future storms?


Momma Rose’s message of Love from Rockaway Park, Queens

LMNOP Person·Dec 19, 2012



Aria Doe from the Action Center in Rockaway Park, Queens

LMNOP Person·Dec 23, 2012

An urgent plea for help! The Action Center, a non-profit organization, provides daily life-saving relief efforts to thousands of residents in Far Rockaway,
victims of hurricane Sandy. This involves distribution of donated goods (food,
diapers, dehumidifiers, cribs, mattresses, etc.), as well as legal support and a
free medical clinic. The NYC housing authority (NYCHA) is trying to close all
relief efforts at the Action Center down within a week, to await unscheduled
cleaning. Solutions that would allow maintaining relief efforts alongside
the cleaning have been uniformly rejected without discussion. Please help by
spreading the word to your press contacts — The Action Center’s relief work is
a matter of life and death for these residents, including elderly and infants
that are suffering the most. They are supporting between 600-800 residents on a daily basis. Every day of its closure would literally cost lives.


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Occupy Sandy: There Is Endless Need Out Here; Bodies Still Being Recovered

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  5. Open ended but no way for escape!

    Too bad and sad that destruction can come but those that hold the pocket books are nowhere to be found. Not only those those that do hold the public pocket books are not going to put their boots on the ground and mind in the game to get these folks back with basic living standards.

    But less we forget that any one that lives inside the 50 mile distance from one of our many USA borders or waterways they have no rights under our Constitution. That was taken away during the Bush Bunch pushing through the Patriot Act.

    So now might I ask are we a second-class country? My take is yes we are except when it comes to instigating war.

    But the good news if any exist is this. Most people that express their mind knows now that the media tells lies and our elected officials most times are crooks.

    So taking that in consideration I believe like many others that we must become if not now cynical critics and rely on our good moral senses of taking care of one another before any other matter or thing.

  6. Hey Mr Rockefeller and all your buddies, where are you when folks need you? Shaking the Sandy out your wet socks at Top of the Rock?

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