Breaking The Taboo + Film Review and Discussion on the “War on Drugs”

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breakingthetaboofilm·Dec 6, 2012

Narrated by Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman, “Breaking the Taboo” is produced by Sam Branson’s indie Sundog Pictures and Brazilian co-production partner Spray Filmes and was directed by Cosmo Feilding Mellen and Fernando Grostein Andrade. Featuring interviews with several current or former presidents from around the world, such as Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, the film follows The Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo over the United States led War on Drugs and expose what it calls the biggest failure of global policy in the last 40 years.

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Updated: June 10, 2017

Breaking The Taboo Film Review and Discussion on the “War on Drugs”

WoodrowWilsonCenter on Nov 22, 2013

Screening of a film that takes a critical look at the “War on Drugs” and participate in the discussion to follow with two experts in the field of drug policy.


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5 thoughts on “Breaking The Taboo + Film Review and Discussion on the “War on Drugs”

  1. The bank’s complicity in the drug “war” should also be investigated further. HBSC admitted to taking Mexican cartel money by the box load through the teller’s windows.

  2. It is pretty obvious to me, that the only argument for criminalising drugs is one that benefits very few, in fact the real criminals.
    Proper regulation, quality control and medical supervision for those who need it will save governments huge amounts, not to mention the potential revenue streams from legitimate organic production and distribution. In fact just to condone ecologically appropriate cannabis/hemp will almost completely eradicate the need for hard drugs, and for those who have opiate addiction problems, ibogaine has an astonishing impact. As for coca, forget about the “real thing,” just let the S Americans produce natural herb, and use it as it was always intended.
    You want to change the world dramatically? decriminalise naturally produced, medicinally certified herbal drugs completely.
    All this crazy prohibition kicked off back in the ‘twenties at the behest of Egypt! Politically motivated proscriptive piety will never solve abuse.
    The real solution is holistic, organic scaled production of all natural products. Education for wholesome planetary life is the answer, not “politically correct” bankrolling of insurgency warlords, crime syndicates, defense-industry psychopaths and agri-pharma market mobsters.

      • Lo you are doing everyone such a great service here, a website that tolerates all (rational) points of view; if only more people would get on board and understand how much strength there is in solidarity against tyranny.
        As human beings we must organise and act creatively from their own centres of gravity.
        The Transition movement originated by Rob Hoskins here in Devon, is a stellar example of how a simple idea can really catch on.
        Things can change, and will improve ~ whatever the weather!

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