Mickey Huff: Which Key Stories Did the US Media Ignore?

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AlJazeeraEnglish·Dec 27, 2012

There are stories that have enormous consequences on the lives of Americans but are regularly under-reported or misrepresented by the mainstream media. Project Censored, the US media watchdog group, has released their annual report examining the shortcomings of reporting in 2012.



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8 thoughts on “Mickey Huff: Which Key Stories Did the US Media Ignore?

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  2. Where would we be without Project Censored? This question of narrative frames is so profoundly important, because it functions as mind-control plain and simple.
    Two points in addition to that ~ first, it pays to lie; and second: academia is just another branch of media and publishing. The complacent self-interest of the intellectual class is astonishing.
    It’s not enough to have the integrity to walk in your own moccasins, you’re expected to wear your integrity like a celebrity. Show off.
    If Noam Chomsky had not established himself as a public intellectual through sheer dogged persistence, do we think anyone would be paying attention? I doubt it.
    America loves glamour, glitz and notoriety. After all, it pays the never-ending expenses. Pimp yourself and patent your dreary ideas or forget it ~ you dumb shits. What a sad state of affairs.

    • David

      Truth justice and high reaching morals are gone or in a sad state of affairs for most of us that live in reach of this publication.

      I have had to push most of the published MUST READ stuff away from my plate because it takes me too much time to prove they are right or wrong.

      Then one day I thought who needs to spend their time editing for the truth or the lie?

      So today I remain a hyper critical cynic my theme is to fly under the radar and run from the gun.

      Or if that is not enough I have had my belly full of the CARE 2 sites along with TRUTHDIG, Alternet, and the whole host of the others that spend their time trying to do one thing BUILD MORE AUDIENCE. For it is not hard to see that the more hits that come in the more money they make HOW I suppose by hook or crook.

      • I like your theme.
        I have for a long time believed that the real issue in society is not “empowerment” but the removal of pointless and arbitrary restrictions. We should trust people to act in their best interests and not rely on experts to preach and prattle too much about this right or that benefit.
        Insofar as I despise oppression and over-regulation, I am staunchly supportive of the left; but if it means ghastly conformity and collective obedience to some abstract theory of authority, then I guess I am equally on the “right.”
        Freedom is the liberty to be oneself ~ a responsible human being. When we have the courage to be ourselves, then society (and government) assumes its proper function; to represent the interests of all its members.
        In my opinion the key is proportion. All we need is to devise a practical moral compass, that furnishes us with a sensible ratio of effort to reward. It is not an entitlement to abuse that we need, but the civil context in which a just expression of our integrity bestows wealth according to need.
        I should not need “permission” to plant a garden, and anyone who prevents me from doing so, should be censured ~ unless I am damaging something that belongs to them. And how can we be sure they deserve the privilege of that ownership in the first place?
        Who really needs six cars, a spare house, hundred of pairs of shoes and unlimited cocktails on demand?
        Better by far to encourage people to be realistic, but not to undermine their ambition.
        Fools should be allowed to persist in their folly, then we may all grow wiser.

        • David,
          Agreement might be the best of things that can come about when conversations are allowed to be planted, watered then grown into a daily maturity

          I do not like to be preached too about anything. I rather be in an atmosphere where growth is not measured by nodding to get along. Most situations like that we will see some nodding off. Growth of a mind comes when personal talk reflects that a newer walk has taken root and will continue throughout life.

          Therefore in the article I agree that some have sought out to be in the spotlight and to that end what have they had to sacrifice to do so?

          I have very few men and women that get center stage and the bully pulpit but of those few I consider what they say and how to be pure reason and telling of truth of the facts holding nothing back.

          Happy New Year to you and yours

  3. HOME is where we live!
    I believe all to often that daily digest of detestable news is part if not all of the problem.

    A wise man told me once that 99% of life was having a good attitude. Therefore when hearing or reading news items from all sources put us that are critical cynics having more to do that we have the time. Thus what is our life?

    Many thousands where our home is are suffering, they need a boost more often than they get. Many men today where our home is are abusive in all ways against their wife and children. Some have given up and gone off the deep end. Now where will that end WHO KNOWS?

    I was taught and have lived with the Christian fact that GOD can do what HE wills and to get HIS attention we must have some skin in the game.

    Some many that have lived in this small border town for years have the idea that they are going to take their gold with them when dead. Another one that suffered from that while alive and kicking peoples ass all over the world order is lying close to being dead in Houston at this time. Well what can all those ones that conspired with him do about that looming thing about to happen to him? NOT one thing.

    We that have been adopted by Jesus Christ to work with HIM in this time HIS KINGDOM —- must keep our heads clear for many of the voices out there are just false flags used by the dark side to take our minds off the tasks at hand.

    Therefore I suggest —-change what you can change on your OWN. Then those that come to you for some kind of help or support DO WHAT SEEMS RIGHT TO YOU?

      • You are quite right I did not address the mismatch and corporate obstructed news items of our times.

        Corporate Criminally inspired and Wickedly Convoluted are terms that I think applies to most of our Internet and TV news sources at this time that abound.

        Yet what does all that news reporting good or bad have to do with how we live in out homes, cities, townships and villages?

        That was my point; I see the likes of good people everyday that are so upset with what they perceive to be today’s news that they have lost their footing on the good ground of living for the sake of giving where the live.

        And to that end —– MY TAKE is that maybe those of us that want to live in a sanguine society are coming full circle of taking care of the squeaking wheels where we live.

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