Carolyn Baker: Preparing Emotionally for the Coming Chaos

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peakmoment·Jan 1, 2013

“The external growth of a budding economy is over. The focus on growth now needs to be on the inner world.” Carolyn Baker’s Navigating the Coming Chaos is a toolkit to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the collapse of industrial civilization now underway. First build an “internal bunker,” she suggests, to begin healing the fear, grief and despair that immobilize many people in our “culture of numbness.” From that foundation, she invites us to look at who our allies are ? people, places, possessions. Carolyn observes that many people experience a level of joy by doing this work (Episode 225). []


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3 thoughts on “Carolyn Baker: Preparing Emotionally for the Coming Chaos

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  2. Carolyn’s adoption of transition as a model for inner growth is a very neat evolutionary idea.
    What is deeply concerning is just how little of what is really happening in America penetrates the consciousness of Western Europe. I think in the UK, most people assume that everything will recover in the US so that industrialised business as usual will resume in due course, Asia will develop and life go merrily on.
    The realisation may soon begin to dawn that things must change, not only in the US but also for China, and then the UK’s relationship with the EU (& NATO) will swiftly assume a wholly different orientation.
    The black hole in the Middle-east is such a great writhing vampire, that draws so much vital energy. The pain and chaos is so enormous, that we cannot pretend to elide a catastrophic tragedy of incalculable humanitarian proportions.
    The only solution is to abandon this perpetual false war economy. How dare we profit from the murder of civilians?
    We native humans are the moral voice, not these international criminal merchants of death.
    Elisabet Sahtouris chose the analogy of the pupating caterpillar, to describe the complete metamorphosis that is needed, to make this transition to a more cooperative society, that will enable and empower the emergent butterfly soul of humanity.
    It can be a profound inspiration but also very humbling for men, to recognise that the majority of the very wisest human beings alive today are women.

  3. The term PEAK OIL STINKS let me now say THINK!

    Natural gas can run our vehicles and economies, but what is needed is heavy oil that is used to make plastics.

    BIG OIL is going after large sources of heavy oil, now what that means they see the gasoline and diesel age of powering our vehicles of all kinds ending as has been for over 100 years or so.

    Now I totally agree that the human need to be happy is as much of the equation of survival as anything.

    A happy life is 99% predicated on having a good attitude.

    Now what that means is that if one lives within 50 miles of our bodies of water surrounding the USA , you might want to move.

    So of all the things talked about by Carolyn some of the many things must be seen with clear eyes and a good conscience. That means that our relationship with our GOD takes on many of the challenges with cures that others will and/or must endure. WHY because they have not the mindset that GOD can make all things work out for what is best.

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