Chris Williams: Hurricane Sandy’s Brutal Wake Up Call–Act Now or Face Catastrophe

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Southern Connecticut State University
December 4, 2012

No longer is the impact of climate change a question of if, but rather a question of when. The New York Times says storms like Sandy could become a yearly event.

Featured Speaker: Chris Williams– author, activist and professor of physics and chemistry at Pace University.

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, Economic Uprising, Promoting Enduring Peace and Fight the Hike.

We Must Fight for a World Organized around Human need, Not Corporate Greed.

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  4. Good talk! Just incredible to realise how enormous is the wealth disparity and also its immense potential. And Mayor Bloomberg is supposedly only the tenth richest magnate in the US!
    When are these people going to wake up to the delicious aroma of change? What does it take ~ a star-spangled guillotine on Capitol Hill?

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