US Farmers Take To The Streets Against Monsanto

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PressTVGlobalNews·Jan 12, 2013

They are family farmers, their loved ones and supporters, all in favor of a farmer’s associations lawsuit against the agriculture and biotechnology giant, Monsanto.

In March 2011, a group of farmers filed a suit against Monsanto, the purpose of which is to be protected from the company’s suing them for patent infringement, should some of Monsanto’s seeds contaminate the farmers’ crops through natural causes like cross pollination and seed drift.

The group lost their initial suit in New York and are appealing in Federal court which they hope will rule in their favor.


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  5. monsanto roundup ready soybean containate organic or nongmo soybeans and monsanto will not concern themselves about this untill the gov. or courts start to look for loss of markets and income for the small farmers my soybean crop was contaimated monsanto would not even send a rep out to check out when 1% of the plants have 1 pod near the top has 1 bean that is darker this cause to lose contracts

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