Exclusive: Exploding the Lincoln Myth by Rocket Kirchner

Chicago Protest Against Guantanamo Jan 11, 2012 - Photo by FJJ

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by Rocket Kirchner
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January 14, 2013

Well, old honest Abe is back in vogue. The recent plethora of documentaries, movies, and books about him are all polishing up his halo once again. While they are putting the final coat of wax on the man and his presidency I have only three words to say: not so fast.

What would you say if you heard that a ruler of a country suspended its entire constitution, its entire bill of rights, forced a draft, and jailed every major writer and editor who disagreed with him? You might say that this ruler was a dictator, now wouldn’t you? What if this ruler invaded the rest of his own country by force and killed and maimed anyone who disagreed with him, and then went on to steal their land to use for corporate interests. Dictator? Sure looks like it to me.

And then what if this ruler glossed everything over with fanciful words and flowery speeches. Then, there were literally thousands of books written applauding this ruler and that he was taught in the public schools of this country as a hero not to be challenged. It would seem that the final coat of wax has been applied. This sounds like something that happens in 3rd world countries with dictators. Something so far away that we as Americans can’t even relate to. Well, surprise surprise… it happened here. All in the name of doing good, of course.

If you think that our rights are being stolen from us now with the Patriot Act, FISA, Homeland security, and the NDAA, this is kids’ stuff compared to what Abraham Lincoln did.

Books like The Real Lincoln by Thomas Dilorenza, or Lincoln Reconsidered by David Donald, not to mention Gore Vidal’s work on Lincoln, would never be allowed anywhere near a public school. Anyone who knows me knows that I despise any kind of racism or slavery. But the Lincoln presidency had nothing to with that. Just as losing our rights today has nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Abe and his cronies had one goal in mind: consolidating federal power for themselves. Lincoln was never an abolitionist. In 1850 he supported the Fugitive Slave Act, and in 1861 he refused to support liberated slaves. His agenda was British style mercantilism. Pure and simple.

The British and the French and other countries liberated slaves through the peaceful method of parliamentary procedures. The Americans could have done that too. And if the Founding Fathers of America had been alive when Lincoln began to pull his takeover, they would have hung him in the town square. This consolidation of Federal power was the seed for the American Republic to move from Republic to Empire at the turn of the 20th century with the Spanish-American war. And it has been downhill ever since. Now that we are the policemen and plunderers of the world, it is that that will lead to our downfall.

According to progressive historian Howard Zinn, 4 out of 5 landowners did not own slaves in the south, and yet they were taken over by this dictator and his robber barons. President Lincoln’s legacy is one of massive bloodshed and shame. It is this myth that needs to be exploded once and for all or we will always be under the spell of other presidents that try and do the same. His movie this year may get the Oscar, but that should come as no surprise, for Empires always award the most wicked among them. That is why Empires fall.

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15 thoughts on “Exclusive: Exploding the Lincoln Myth by Rocket Kirchner

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    • Juanita, untypical jewel of truth from a Northerner’s Progressive viewpoint that hates war and the shredding of the Bill of Rights.

      You have no rebuttal that is intelligent so you call this work ”garbage”. Rebuttals without facts to back them up are typical of a non thinking person who takes at face value what the consensus of a society brainwashes them to think.

      Given how our rights are being lost today , its time to wake up and smell the Kafka .

    • Juanita, hi:
      Myth busting is healthy. Clinging to illusions is pathological. The evidence is what counts, not our prejudice or conditioned beliefs.
      It is part of growing up, to disabuse ourselves of childish ideas, to liberate ourselves from received opinion & cultural stereotypes.

      Informed skepticism is essential, if we are to have a progressive social dialogue. We should never limit our open questioning, by insisting on predetermined outcomes, based on ideological certainties.

      My view is that Hollywood is indeed a propaganda mill. That does not necessarily mean that a given narrative is false; but whatever the basis of truth, Hollywood always seems somehow to make it less plausible, in my estimation. Right now they’re churning out incredible nonsense to support a murderous establishment, corrupted by enormous privilege and wealth ~ well not exactly “wealth,” actually just corporate money and brute power. The legitimate grounds for these dramatic artifacts is a matter for the historical record, but their interpretation and conveyance as social vehicles is a great art. Only some artists are more convincing than others.

      So with that in mind, I strongly recommend Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan’s superb (2008) “The Uses and Abuses of History” Viking/Penguin. Short book, surprisingly instructive.

      • David, i could not have said it better myself. David Hume refers to this as “The Opinion”. Chomsky calls it “Manufacturing Consent”. I like your words “conditioned beliefs”. Bulls-eye !

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    • Stephen , i would never discourage anyone from seeing a movie. its just that we should understand fiction when we see certain movies or read certain books. Fiction can be enjoyable , thought provoking and entertaining . but let us have no iillusions or allow ourselves to be subject to propaganda .

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