Tavis Smiley: Vision for a New America: A Future without Poverty + Cornel West: You Don’t Play With Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Jan. 17, 2013

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Tavis Smiley moderated a discussion focusing on poverty in the United States. Panelists discussed issues including the importance of education, prisons, welfare programs, the size of government, and the federal budget. The panelists generally criticized the administration for not focusing on poverty and Tavis Smiley called on President Obama to hold a “White House Conference on the Eradication of Poverty in America.”

Mr. Smiley’s annual forum was titled “Vision for a New America: A Future without Poverty.” It was held in the Lisner Auditorium of George Washington University.

Smiley, Tavis
Talk Show Host PBS

West, Cornel
Professor Union Theological Seminary

Kozol, Jonathan

Chilton, Mariana
Director Drexel University School of Public Health-Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Gingrich, Newton “Newt” Leroy
U.S. Representative (Former) [R] Georgia

DeMoro, RoseAnn
Executive Director National Nurses United

Sachs, Jeffrey D.
Director Earth Institute at Columbia University

Fudge, Marcia
U.S. Representative [D] Ohio

Graham, John D.
Dean Indiana University-School of Public and Environmental Affairs

watch via http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/TavisSm


Excerpt from the above program.

Cornel West Explains Why It Bothers Him That Obama Will Be Taking The Oath With MLK’s Bible



As Obama Prepares for 2nd Term, Tavis Smiley Urges Him to Take Up MLK’s Fight Against Poverty

democracynow·Jan 17, 2013

DemocracyNow.org – Ahead of Monday’s public inauguration that will usher in President Obama’s second term, we turn to a call for him to put the more than 50 million Americans living in poverty at the top of his agenda. The issue has garnered attention in part because Obama will take the oath of office with his hand placed on two bibles — one owned by Abraham Lincoln, and the other by Martin Luther King Jr., known for his civil rights and anti-poverty activism. We’re joined by broadcaster and author Tavis Smiley, who has spent the past year crisscrossing the country with activist and Professor Cornel West to start a national conversation on the issue of poverty, calling on President Obama to organize a White House Conference on the Eradication of Poverty in America. Smiley will be in Washington, D.C., tonight moderating a nationally televised symposium, “Vision for a New America: A Future Without Poverty.”

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http://www.tavistalks.com/visionforanewamerica/ (sign the letter)

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  9. nwet gingrich doesnt ever admit how many breaks his wealthy friends have enjoyed due to tax deductions due to alec and lobbyists also politicians that are corporate sponsered and the sneaky and silent tactics of lowering corporate tax rates by eliminating regulatory agenciies and then blaming this depression on the poor for the phoney reason of uneducated people using unemploymment benefits

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