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PressTVGlobalNews·Jan 27, 2013

Ever since the Bahraini revolution broke out in February 2011, international news channels have covered it differently according to their geo-political priorities.

Western news channels have covered the events very sporadically and so have Arab news channels. Yet these same channels have covered unrest in Syria and Libya very closely.

So this indicates that while certain western and Arab media claim to be free and fair, they are in fact closely aligned to their government’s foreign policies.

Also we will look at how media coverage of Bahrain has stoked sectarianism and the role of Bahrain TV itself. Our guest is a very high profile Bahraini journalist who was forced to flee the country.

We will also cover the weekly news events in this episode such as an EU report calling for sanctions on Bahrain.


Inside Bahrain episode 1

presstvlondon·Jan 22, 2013

Since February 2011 Bahrain has been in a state of crisis with a brutal crackdown by the US-backed minority regime on pro-democracy activists. Today’s Inside Bahrain focusses on revelations that the United States continued to arm the Bahraini regime for at least a year after the initial brutal crackdown. We’ll also be taking a closer look at how sectarian tensions in the country have increased since the 2011 revolution.


‘Bahraini regime reaches a dead end’

presstvlondon·Jan 28, 2013

A political analyst tells Press TV that Bahraini authorities have reached to a dead end and instead of killing more people, they have to try as much as they can to bring the rights of the people into effect.

The comments came after an eight-year-old Bahraini boy died due to inhalation of poisonous tear gas fired by the Al Khalifa regime forces during an anti-regime demonstration in the country.

Interview with Ibrahim Mousawi.


Updated: Jan. 28, 2013

Royal Torture: Bahrain princess charged with activist abuse

RussiaToday· Jan 28, 2013

Bahraini authorities are set for a new round of talks with the opposition later this week amid the continuing crackdown on anti-regime rallies across the nation. The Sunni monarchy has been widely accused by rights groups of using tear gas and torture against protesters. And as RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky reports even those who try and treat the injured demonstrators say they are being victimized. READ MORE:


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