Julian Assange: Obama’s Kill List

Internet memes: Julian Assange by Andy Warhol

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Note: I did find a partial transcript. http://rt.com/news/assange-drone-killing-leak-813/.

Replaced video; watch while available.

kryptos973281·Feb 8, 2013

Julian Assange to Bill Maher: ‘You Can Be Killed By Someone in White House For Completely Arbitrary Reasons’ and that’s why we need Wikileaks.


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  8. Great stuff Bill!! Spoken like a man.

    BBC Radio 4 is currently broadcasting a great series about “George Orwell.” Tonight was “The Road to 1984,” immensely informing: full hour, excellent historic insights with first person accounts about the grotesque ambiguities of the Spanish civil war, Hitler, Stalin and after the twin apocalypses of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, the Cold War ~ a term Orwell himself coined. As he (Eric Blair) said not long before he died in 1950, having witnessed the chilling development of nuclear weapons and fully recognizing their political implications, “1984” was about totalitarianism, not just from the Left or Right; but an immediate threat that can erupt absolutely anywhere ~ even in the West…

    After hearing Julian Assange’s account of the recent FBI escapade in Iceland, it is clear that the United States’ corporate-military security elites are displaying the tell-tale characteristics and extra-judicial hallmarks of a totalitarian regime running out of control; right now, in our midst.

    So who should be most worried, “us” or them?

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