Thomas Drake: Corporations and the US Government–It’s An Unholy Alliance

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breakingtheset· Feb 8, 2013

Abby Martin sits down with former NSA whistleblower, Thomas Drake, about his personal story as a whistleblower and what he describes as a ‘total betrayal’ by part of the government.


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7 thoughts on “Thomas Drake: Corporations and the US Government–It’s An Unholy Alliance

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  4. Indeed, I concur with Abby’s closing remark, great insights.

    I have no doubt this is our next Social Evolution, not just another American revolution. Thomas Drake is unequivocal: secret(ive) power does not give way; continued and unremitting exposure and disclosure are absolutely necessary.

    There is no way back. The Internet remains open, but should oppressive forces attempt to close it down , it could rebound upon them even more ferociously.

    High-tech thugs will not prevail, but it will take persistent, intelligent, tactical ingenuity.

    Are the leading American universities a lost cause?

    I’d like to hear more from the legions of intellectuals who seem to be incapable of breaking ranks.

    This is no longer just about weapons and words however. It is increasingly urgent that biologists, ecosystem specialists, ecologists generally and innovative entrepreneurs form an invincible coalition, outside of conventional party lines, beyond national boundaries.

    As Benjamin Carson demonstrated so adequately to the Obamas, a piebald eagle needs both wings.

    I’d like to think the most highly decorated uniformed officers of the US establishment, could find their voices to defend this planet; moreover, to cease and desist from chasing spectral combatant ghosts, (we all know who they are) and get on the side of Life.

    The US elites need to examine the meaning of legal authority and start leading by example ~ stop bullying the world according to the prescribed diktats of industry’s false God of infinite-growth-and-profit through destructive commerce.

    What does it take to open their eyes? A Chinese burn? Perhaps one simple fact would help bring them to their senses: deforestation in the Congo affects the weather in Washington.

    Do they care??

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