Recipe for Endless Profits to War Profiteers and Their Legally-Bribed Politicians by Ed Ciaccio

by Ed Ciaccio
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February 10, 2013

War profiteers not welcome

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Ingredients (or should it be Ingreedients?):

Imperialist ideologues of all political parties

Arms manufacturers (war profiteers)

Politicians with no conscience nor regard for international laws or the Constitution

Corporate media


1. Use 9/11/01 terrorism to frighten USans into financially & psychologically supporting endless wars, interventions, and “special-ops” abroad and elimination of civil liberties at home so maximum control of dissent is achieved.

2. Declare an endless “War on Terror”, knowing terror is a tactic which can NEVER be eradicated, unlike enemies such as Nazi Germany or the USSR.

3. Declare that the “War on Terror” takes place EVERYWHERE: the world is the battlefield. Therefore, Congress’ Constitutional power to declare war can be bypassed by using the Presidential Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) meant for Afghanistan after 9/11/01 to be used indefinitely everywhere on and above earth, including cyberspace.

4. Use technological developments such as pilotless drones to answer the complaint that we are exposing so many of our soldiers to so many wars abroad. Drones are the “perfect” solution to the problem of “fighting” the endless “War on Terror” EVERYWHERE (including in the U.S.) with fewer and fewer U.S. casualties.

5. In response to critics of drone warfare, attack all reports of excessive civilian casualties and legally justify these extra-judicial executions with Orwellian “legal” arguments, including making up a whole new meaning of the word “imminent”.

6. Count on corporate media, which stand to reap some of the billions in profits from this endless “War on Terror”, to not raise any serious questions in a sustained way.

7. Also count on most USans to continue their behavior of not caring about foreign casualties of U.S. wars, including civilians, but being swayed by the “Drones are keeping our soldiers safe from harm” argument so that drone warfare is supported by most USans, regardless of the moral and legal arguments against it.

8. To make sure this policy becomes embedded in the “continuing employment” sector of military/weapons spending, make sure contractors and sub-contractors of drone manufacturing are distributed in as many Congressional Districts as possible, just as all military spending/weapons programs are, so every member of Congress has a vested and invested interest in never closing down a war-making plant, as has been the practice since World War II ended.

Serves: all those who place power and profit above law and humanity.

Remember that this recipe works for Democrats and Republicans in office.

Also remember that, no matter how terrible and horrific war-making is for most humans, other creatures, and the planet itself, war-making is always great for business in the corporate capitalistic system.  And that’s what REALLY counts.

Inevitable Consequences:


1. Arms makers/war profiteers and their Wall Street funders/stockholders are assured of an endless stream of profits and revenues from this growing, unlimited market.

2. Politicians who support this policy are assured of an endless stream of campaign contributions from this growing, unlimited market.

3. The illusion of “keeping our soldiers out of harm’s way” guarantees popular support.

4. Creating and sustaining jobs in nearly every Congressional District also guarantees popular support.


1. More and more civilians will be killed, leading to more and more calls for revenge against the U.S. and its global allies.  But the silver lining here is that those increased numbers of vengeful “terrorists” will only support the need for MORE military spending, including more drones.  Besides, if corporate media does its assigned job, few reports, let alone images, of civilians killed by U.S. drones will ever reach the U.S. public.  Even PBS has cooperated with this.

2. Lessening need of “Top Gun” fighter pilots and bombers will decrease the glorified status of those roles, leading to reduced applicants for them.  But a massive P.R. campaign to glorify drone controllers could compensate.  There’s a job for military advertising agencies: Make Drone Controllers as Popular as Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”.

Comforting Conclusions

So, as we move into the rest of the 21st century, rest assured that the Military-Corporate-Congressional-Media Complex is not only alive and well, but thriving.  New weapons and policies to deploy them merely mean new ways of extracting mega-profits from death-dealing, state terrorism, and mass murder, all under the aegis of “patriotism”, “defending our homeland”, and keeping us “safe and free.”

Sequestration or not, more than half the federal discretionary budget will continue to be spent on these weapons and policies to keep the cash flowing to the war profiteers and their loyal political servants in federal, state, and local governments.  Though the federal government may refuse to create most jobs, it sure as hell will continue to create all these war-profiteering and political jobs, as it has since 1940.

Ed Ciaccio’s first book, Heartlines: Selected Personal Works 1966-2011, is now available at or


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