Thousands Rally in Washington, DC Against Climate Change + James Hansen: Half the Planet is Doomed!

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Forward On Climate Rally

Image by chesapeakeclimate via Flickr

AlJazeeraEnglish·Feb 17, 2013

Thousands of protesters have gathered in Washington DC to demand government action on climate change.

Organisers say it’s the largest climate change protest in US history.

Al Jazeeraa’s Alan Fisher was there.


Scientist Says Half the Planet is Doomed!

ebecker2000·Feb 17, 2013

James Hansen continues to study the impact of fossil fuels on volatile weather, and now concludes, if we were to burn all of the fossil fuels, more then half of the planet would be uninhabitable by humans.



TheRealNews·Feb 18, 2013

Washington DC climate change rally brings 35,000 protestors together, but activists question if real change in Obama’s policies will spring from protest.

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  5. yes, we are doomed unless we act forcefully now and stop the killing and slaughter of our planet—thanks, to all the protesters who braved the winter clime to help save the planet….

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