Marinaleda, Spain: All Equal + Mass Austerity Protests Hit Spain

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Oliveres de Marinaleda

Image by bertafot via Flickr

PressTVGlobalNews·Feb 23, 2013

Marinaleda, Seville town of three thousand inhabitants is only ruled by Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo. Gordillo, has 30 years as mayor in Andalusia. In Marinaleda he performs community service initiatives alternatives to capitalist consumerist formula. This clashes with the more conservative parties and the most liberal of Spain. On the Street visits Marinaleda to know another way to legislate and organize a community.


Mass austerity protests hit Spain


Image by bertafot via Flickr

AlJazeeraEnglish·Feb 23, 2013

Spanish riot police have come to blows with protesters on the streets of the capital Madrid.

The scuffles follow a day of marches against austerity and corruption.

Many demonstrators called for the prime minister to resign.

Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports from Madrid.


‘Spaniards rise up to shield their basic economic rights’

PressTVGlobalNews·Feb 24, 2013

An analyst says Spain’s national uprising is a fight to keep the people’s hard-fought rights and it is damaging confidence in the Euro. In the background of this Spaniards have held nationwide rallies against government-imposed austerity measures, tax hikes and the stripping away of the people’s rights. The rallies combine the forces of unions, teachers, students and the working class. The official unemployment rate in Spain is currently at a record high of 26 percent. There are also corruption allegations leveled against various politicians and the royal family. Press TV has interviewed Ian Williams, Senior Analyst from Foreign Policy in Focus, New York about this issue.


Worker Owned Businesses Point to New Forms of Ownership

The Spanish town where people come before profit By Jen Wilton

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