Erik Laursen: The War Against Social Security

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Social Security Torn Away

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Joe Friendly·Feb 21, 2013

Erik Laursen, author of The People’s Pension, The Struggle To Defend Social Security Since Reagan, describes the three decade long war against Social Security, beginning with its origins in the bowels of the Reagan administration, and the dynamics behind an effective long-term strategy, a look at the decades-long ideological attack on this all-important program, the hydra-headed campaign to cut and kill Social Security, conducted over decades by rightwing bankers, foundations, economists and politicians.

It is a mark of Roosevelt’s genius that he foresaw these endless battles and built a System that could withstand so much propaganda for so long, while transforming life for the elderly in America. But now the war comes to climax.

Talk and Q and A at All Souls Unitarian Church in Manhattan, sponsored by their Peace & Justice Task Force and Lifelines Center, February 19, 2013. Camera by Joe Friendly


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