Transcript of Bradley Manning’s Statement for the Providence Inquiry

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Updated: Oct. 31, 2014 added audio

by Bradley Manning
Transcript by Alexa O’Brien
February 28, 2013

Toledo. 1000 days in prison without trial. Free Bradley Manning.

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This statement below was read by Private First Class Bradley E. Manning at a providence inquiry for his formal plea of guilty to one specification as charged and nine specifications for lesser included offenses. He pled not guilty to 12 other specifications. This rush transcript was taken by journalist Alexa O’Brien at the Article 39(a) session of United States v. Pfc. Bradley Manning on February 28, 2013 at Fort Meade, MD, USA.

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Bradley Manning pleads not guilty to “aiding the enemy” charge

Hero, Bradley Manning

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Updated: Mar 1, 2013 added another video report

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Bradley Manning Tells Court Public had the Right to Know About US War Crimes

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TheRealNews·Mar 1, 2013

American Attorney for Julian Assange, Michael Ratner, reports he was in the courtroom and witnessed Manning speak with confidence and intelligence as he detailed the outrages that drove him to upload documents to Wikileaks.

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