Eric Sirotkin: Sanctions Are A Weapon Of War

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N . Korea threatens ‘aggressors’ with preemptive strike, UNSC backs new sanctions

RussiaToday·Mar 8, 2013

The members of UN Security Council have unanimously agreed to step up sanctions against North Korea, a month after the Communist state carried out a third nuclear test. Just hours ahead of vote, Pyongyang threatened what it called ‘aggressors’ with a pre-emtive nuclear strike in response to the ongoing U.S. joint military drills with South Korea.

Co-Founder of the National Campaign to End the Korean War, Eric Sirotkin, believes sanctions are hurting the ordinary citizens of North Korea.

6 thoughts on “Eric Sirotkin: Sanctions Are A Weapon Of War

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  6. I strongly endorse Eric Sirotkin’s position. Sanctions are reprehensible. How can depriving the innocent and needy of essential foods and medicines win “hearts and minds?” It would be ludicrous if it were not so criminal.

    He is absolutely right, when are we going to grow up, and get beyond this childish schizoid politics? We must think the unthinkable.

    Right now the US is operating like a reactionary state, while it enjoys unprecedented power and opportunity to act with political maturity. If the US does not seize this historic moment, it can kiss goodbye to its political advantage, as it will certainly slip into terminal decline as the forces of change take control, that will consign these entrenched neo-conservative/liberal delusions to the dustbin of history.

    In my estimation Obama has probably six weeks to make a radical global policy reversal or face irrevocable disaster, internationally.

    Money is not everything! Intelligence is what really counts. And there never was yet an intelligent idea that amounted to very much, that was not animated by a spiritual vision of what life can really signify in a limitless and inchoate landscape of undreamed of possibilities.

    The mesmeric gang mentality has reduced our world to a kindergarten of automatons. Surely there is a vestige of neuro-cognitive insight left on Capitol Hill somewhere? Or has it all vanished up the ecocidal fundament of Wall Street?

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