Bradley Manning: Hung Out To Dry

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Mar. 9, 2013

[…] Media outlets went on to draw on WikiLeaks for some of the biggest news stories of the decade. Manning’s leak meant millions of papers sold and pages viewed yet the story of the man himself has been pushed to the margins. Is this just ingratitude or something more sinister? Are important parts of the fourth estate signing up for a system of government-media relations that sees whistleblowers as enemies of the state?

To discuss Manning’s testimony and the implications for journalism and freedom of speech our News Divide guests this week are: Chase Madar, author of ‘The Passion of Bradley Manning’; Jesselyn Radack, whistleblower and activist; Ed Pilkington, a reporter for the Guardian; and Janet Reitman, a Rolling Stone columnist. […]



AlJazeeraEnglish·Mar 9, 2013

Why have the US media shied away from covering the source of the WikiLeaks material yet gorged on his information?

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  11. I wonder how Michelle Obama feels about the illegal detention of Reeyot Alemu.

    Maybe the First Lady could arrange for a healthy food hamper to be sent direct to Ethiopia courtesy of the WSJ, since she’s actively promoting healthy food for healthier business in its columns. A powerful message perhaps, from their White House heaven to a seething Black hell?

    Now her WSJ plea may indeed be the right stuff from a privileged First Lady to massage the ambition of American pundits, but what if you’re the Last Lady on Earth ~ languishing in a miserable cell, incarcerated and forgotten? All Michelle has to do is lift a world-changing finger, sing a new song and one honourable person’s life and fate could be dramatically transformed forever, whilst her fellow country-men and -women, might glimpse enduring new opportunities for self-expression and self-determination.

    Where does true power reside? In a quorum of plutocrats or in the heart of a human being? Maybe she’s never even considered Ethiopia, let alone free speech in Africa or its draconian repression.

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