Noam Chomsky: #NDAA–Obama admin. is rushing through to pass legislation to permit indefinite detention in military prisons

Resolution opposing indefinite detention under NDAA introduced at San Francisco Board of Supervisors

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Dandelion Salad

with Noam Chomsky

Tj Armand·Mar 7, 2013

Noam Chomsky talks to TJ Armand about the mixed legacy of Hugo Chavez, freedom of speech violations in Turkey, religious fundamentalism and gay marriage in the U.S.

(Recorded at MIT, Boston. Director: Rob Allison, Assistant Director: Sarah Caldwell)

[…] Right now the Obama administration is rushing through to pass legislation in the courts (lower courts knocked it out but they’re pushing it into higher courts) to permit indefinite detention in military prisons. That’s, unfortunately, not getting enough protest. The part that’s getting protest is that it extends to U.S. citizens. In the court proceedings, the federal judge asked the Justice Department lawyers if it would apply to the plaintiffs. I’m one of the plaintiffs, and they said “We can’t say” because they can’t define who it would apply to. The judge threw it out but it’s going up to the next level and probably would win ultimately. The global assassination campaign is a massive violation of human and civil rights which go back to the 13th century. The core of Anglo-American law is presumption of innocence, Magna Carta. No man can be sentenced unless by a court of law and speedy trial by their peers. It’s in the constitution. […]

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