Anti-Catholic Writers and the Politics of Genitalia by Rocket Kirchner

by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
March 16, 2013

St. Francis of Assisi

Image by Randy OHC via Flickr

No sooner had the Vatican announced a third world Pope, when the first world well fed comfortable horny de jour writers of our time led a full force attack à la the politics of genitalia. Why golly gee, you would think that these writers never missed a meal in their life, the way they placed sexual issues above the Vatican’s choice of a man who took the name of St. Francis that could possibly help at least relieve some of the brutal and senseless poverty on this planet.

Susie Bright once said, “Lust does make liars of us all”. Boy, oh boy is that statement ever true. Victorian America raging with its Puritan hangover and its hedonistic counterpart are screaming red herrings every which way but loose. We have got those against gay marriage, and those who are for it. There is a plethora of other peccadilloes: Feminists against pornography. Pedophiles treated worse in prisons than serial killers. Preachers, Priests, and Politicians caught with their pants down, and those pointing the fingers at them crying “hypocrites!” unable to see their own hypocrisy.

Arbitrary ethics rules the roost in the folly of genitalia politics, as everyone and his brother is pushing for Prop this and Prop that, state by state, and hoping for that great and glorious day if or when they get a crack at the Supreme Court. All of this for the praise or condemnation of the lower half of the human body. There seems to be no end to the shouters and shriekers and pundits of this folly. Meanwhile in this din of this Psycho-Babylon hasn’t anybody stopped to say, “What about the poor and destitute of this world?” Yes, someone has: The Roman Catholic Church.

Oh, but you object? Don’t they have sex scandals, too? Yes, they do. Is it evil? You bet it is. Should something be done about it? Yes, it should. When? Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Are abortion, homosexuality, and the debate over contraceptives important? Of course, they are. But first things first. There are priorities. The priorities are these: the pyramid of affluence must be turned upside down. So you disagree? Well maybe you disagree because you are not suffering in agony of Aids in Africa. Maybe you disagree because you are not a starving orphan on the streets of Brazil.

The fact is is that life threatening issues take precedent over life diminishing ones. The Catholic Church is not a Democracy. It does not need your vote. To its critics of this new Papal pick, I say, I will critic the critics. For even if the Church fed every person in the world (which it should do), those obsessed with the politics of genitalia would never be satisfied, because most of them couldn’t give a damn if the wretched of this world starved to death. For after all, like Scrooge’s sentiment before his conversion, it would help decrease the surplus population.

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21 thoughts on “Anti-Catholic Writers and the Politics of Genitalia by Rocket Kirchner

  1. I understood the position of the Catholic Church to be that the Pope is infallible.

    Am I being “old fashioned” here?


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  4. From a Facebook comment:

    “Anger and disgust at corruption is not anti-Catholic, it’s anger and disgust at corruption. Declaring people to be enemies of god because of how they have sex is indefensible.”

  5. The Catholic Church has a lot to be accountable for and we can only hope that Pope Francis will bring positive change, even at the risk of being assassinated. By the way…Argentina is NOT a Third World country.

    • V — we all have a lot to be accountable for . its just that the self righteousness that i find in my fellow Catholics , i find in anti-catholic writers too . i am a critic of both .

      South America is 3rd world . the whole continent is a mess.

  6. Good one David. As long as Opus Dei runs Vatican Banking and keeps up its investments in arms manufacturers, the Church is profoundly tainted. As long as Rome ignores the daily sacrifice and continuing killings of its priests in Columbia, it remains profoundly tainted. As long as Cardinals in the conclave who violated laws against harboring child predators and abusers are allowed to vote and conduct business, the Church remains profoundly tainted.

    • Curiously enough, one of the UK channels rebroadcast a powerful 1998 documentary tonight called “Sex in a Cold Climate” about the experiences of four women in the Magdalene Asylum system in Ireland. The psychotic iniquity of this institutional abuse was truly horrendous.

      I have no confidence whatsoever that there is anything worth redeeming from such a corrupt organisation as this. Even if there were a few brave souls capable of speaking out, what can they possibly achieve? Every catholic I’m aware of who has had a vision of a better world has found dissent fruitless. So long as the hierarchy persists, reform is impossible. The only cure is to dissolve the whole vile pretense.

      Its vestigial legacy will be a remarkable library and heritage museum, both enduring cultural monuments to a unique and profoundly perverse religious socio-para-psycho-pathology.

      Malachy may indeed have been strangely prescient.

      • David , i figure that you would be the first one out of the gate to object. But allow me to submit this to you . This church that you malign has priests and nuns getting arrested day after day in S. Korea against the military . the church has also done good work helping to stop –and i say STOP aids in Africa. The New York times has done 2 storys on how circumcision has prevented the spread of Aids in many countrys in Africa. my hat is off to our Jewish friends who circumcise too.

        read the NCR – a radical catholic paper on the new pick of this Pope . they like it . of course after Ratzo-Benedict it is understandably why .

        you want to take Voltaire’s position ”crush the infamous thing ”. But Voltaire was a hypocrite because he got his education from the Jesuits .He would not have had near the brilliance and discipline without them.

        i do not know what Catholics you know who find dissent fruitless . maybe they are not really in dissent enough .

        you state that so long as the hierarchy persists that reform is impossible . not true . so long as the hierarchy persists in its present state it is not impossible but it is very difficult . what needs to happen is that the pyramid of the Church hierarchy needs to be turned upside down , so that they become real servants …for as Christ said ”you are not to be like the Gentiles , who lord it over them , for the greatest among you shall be the servant of all”.

        this is dealt with in a book that Ratzinger silence by a Franciscan named Leonardo Boff in Petropolis Brazil called ”Church , Charism , and Power”. what we need is a Liberation theology not based on Marx but rather on St. Francis . Hence , there is potential here with this new Papal pick . But to those who only care about sexual issues , they never will even see what the potential is here.

        • Sure, if only this could happen, but the issue is who is actually serving whom, what and for why. All I see is extreme tokenism, and the exploitation of sincerity in the ranks; the real dissenters like Boff are not allowed to exert their will. You think the powers who rely upon this grand design will condone such a change? No chance! This will be a classic exercise of controlled opposition.

          If you invert the wealth pyramid of the Vat, you get Chavez, so, well and good. The only problem is, look at the opposition he faced, and of course one might reasonably surmise along with Blum and others, “inevitable” covert execution.

          Forgetting about Voltaire for now I agree about one thing, sound education is the key, but not with strings attached. The present strategy is to span the extremes, so the bank always wins. Whether it is multinationals, or religious internationals like the Vat, the tactic is always to ensure the global hegemony of power and wealth.

          We are never going to see slums turned into palaces, that is ridiculous so long as people like Mugabe have their own personal slum lined with gold. No, we need less ostentatious consumption and more opportunity, a better proportionate ratio of livelihood to habitat, through acknowledged protocols of accountability.

          Personally I favor cooperative, stakeholder-operated systems. Once you bring religious cant and liturgies of control into the mix, it is vitiated. The sanctity of the individual should be a matter for them to decide, how they express their sacred understanding.

          You are eliding the gynophobia of the church; don’t you think this is the first line that must be erased? After all it is largely women in Africa (and elsewhere) who are reversing the tide of destruction and are the ones who can best restore a semblance of ecological intelligence.

        • David , what can erase any shortsightedness concerning change is a book called ”Faithful Dissenters” by Robert Mcclory. It documents that over the arc of time how the RCC has changed in so many areas because of these dissenters. Cardinal Newman talks about the fact that the laity is ”the corrective force” of change against the Hierarchy ./

          part of being a faithful dissenter is to also dissent against anti-catholic forces and hold them accountable for their double standards too.

          as far as prioritys — the issue that the church should address if it wants to be the church of jesus christ is destitution

        • Not that which the eye can see, but that whereby the eye can see: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;

          Not that which the ear can hear, but that whereby the ear can hear: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;

          Not that which speech can illuminate, but that by which speech can be illuminated: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;

          Not that which the mind can think, but that whereby the mind can think: know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore.

          ~Kena Upanishad


    • John , again , you like many others have said nothing about what it does for the poor in the world . and that is deliberate. it is easy to complain with a full stomach , is it not ? the church will always be tainted. because humans are flawed . Until you are ready to admit to your own taintedness and flaws , you cant judge others. Jesus said ”judge not lest you be not judged .. take the log out of your own eye before you seek to take it out of your brothers-you hypocrite”. strong words that need to be heard. we all need to hear it .

  7. Rocket, I don’t get your anger, at all. The left press I read…truth-out, counterpunch, all seem to be pointing to this Pope’s disturbing quietude during the terror reign in Argentina. What of Vatican Banking? What we seem to have here in Rome is the same old same old. The Catholic Church is an underachieving corrupt patriarchy. Get over it. I was educated by Jesuits at Holy Cross and spent all my education in Catholic schools. Any of the priests who daily risk their lives fighting for human rights in Columbia would have been a better pick for Pope. The Church is not a fucking business, it should be a spiritual institution primarily. It is not.

    • well well john . i am sorry to hear that you have been afflicted by forced catholic schooling . i never had that. any parent that forces this down their kids throat as frank zappa said ”is putting a loaded gun in their hand ”.

      preachers kids and alter boys are the hardest people to converse with about Christ . you say get over it . get over what ? I was not subjected to such oppression . my catholic thing is a hip thing ,. its a thomas merton thing . its a catholic worker dorothy day thing . its a zen thing . its a front line fighting poverty thing , being wary of Protestant –fundamentalist –secular thing .its a ”sacramental illumination thing ”. its looking past the flaws of man thing , and participating in the church in all its flaws. we dont resign from the human race because humans all around us do stupid and corrupt things. we dont renounce our citizenship to our country because the leaders are corrupt . we set out to change it .

      for over 3 decades i have studied the entire history of church from the start thru the Didache , Patristic age , Augustine , middle ages Renaissance , catholic humanism of thomas more and Erasmus , the synods , the councils , up to the modern and post modern age. i know all about Opus Dei , Vatican Banking , etc.etc…
      i am what you call ”a faithful dissenter ” to use an historical word.

      you dont understand my anger ? it is directed at those writers who are as sex obsessed as the Vatican itself . this is a critique of them. Someone has to monitor their superficiality . look , if they were to complain about the Vatican pick constructively then i would have no problem . but they do not . they just rail on sexual issues . they dont even rail on the banking ones. and they dont balance their work with all of the good things that catholics around the world do for the destitute . why ? because they are bullys , naysayers , who dont care about the world . they are first world brats to whom their god is their belly , and their glory is their shame .

      and as Christopher Hitchens said about dissent ” i dont need anyones permission to dissent ”. i am in dissent against their dissent .

  8. I’d like to share your optimism Rocket, but this is not “good news” for the disenfranchised of this world.

    The uncomfortable evidence seems to support the perception that poverty is most “abundant” wherever the fantastically rich and powerful Vatican hierarchy holds despotic sway and psychologically excruciating sexual dominance, despite the noble protestations of an exceptional minority (like yourself) admittedly, that includes the entire excluded female Other ~ but those “holy” fathers (!) dare not call it misogyny; or even perhaps, rather more accurately, gynophobia.

    Also it is surely not a coincidence that Francis happens to have such a special significance for the one occult society any “black” Jesuit papa holds most dear.

    Cindy Wooden (Catholic News Service) writes on March 15th:

    “VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis is “a Jesuit’s Jesuit” who understands the importance of St. Francis of Assisi in the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, said the Jesuits’ secretary for the promotion of the faith.”

    Excuse me, doesn’t that translate in plain English to “Office of the Inquisition?” He is certainly not my “Papa” I hasten to add, since I do not care for “priestly authority” of any stripe, although we shall have to see what comes of this psychopompic display of ostentatious wealth and vanity, since by their works (alone) shall ye know them.

    Sincere truth seekers, victims of abuse, casuists and ecumenical catholics with a social conscience, had better hedge their bets in my opinion & make no mistake; this has all the hallmarks of a dangerous precedent, a masterful coup de grace fby the most secretive lodge on earth (outside of “opus dei,” the “knights” of Malta & the Asian dragon clans.)

    Watch this space ~ and the body count.

    • David , there you go again talking about SEX. which is just making my point in this article . And , as i have said –i am not , nor have i ever been an optimist . let us talk about WORLD HUNGER!

      let us try this –let us talk about the Roman Catholic Church without bringing up sex. its hard to do because red herrings dont die easily .

      but you and i being civil to each other can do an experiment — discussing this issue without the trappings of the politics of genitalia . the fact that all the responses so far to this post have been to bring up genitalia –ism .. just goes to prove my point that this obsession that people have with finger pointing to the church on various issues because they disagree with its stand on various sexual issues , is not an easy obsession to overcome .

      should sex be a part of a discussion ?. sure . but let us put prioritys first . even sexually repressed nuns in the 3rd world are taking care of the most destitute. does anyone applaud them ? not these secular critics. why ? because their bellys are FULL .they live in a dream world of comfort . i will take those nuns any day over a well fed sexually satiated first worlder who turns his or her back on the poor .

      all of this is not easy because our society is rife with Christophobia . And Christophobia is bigotry. it is as bad as Islamophobia , or Homophobia .

      • To be fair, I wasn’t actually referring to sexual abuse although we all know how endemic that is, or to same sex partnership so much as to sex as in gender discrimination, the de facto subordination of women.

        I agree we must prioritise necessities, like food and shelter. Not that we should obsess about this in a charitable sense, but that we should strive to remove the political obstacles that prevent people from a decent life. Anyone who commits to that has my vote.

        • David , think how much money the secularists and the church sink into political movements that relate to issues below the belt . that money should be used to stop destitution . there is a world of difference in the original greek new testament between poor and destitute . i explain this in my article ”blessed are the destitute , for theirs is the kingdom of heaven ”. what is Luke trying to tell us in his gospel ? i just cant get out of Luke . talk about a guy who was against social injustice !!!!

          if Christians dont address this issue , then they wont get anything else right . Jesus said he would judge a mans soul on this . that is not to put down the other issues . i am just trying to counterbalance the imbalance of prioritys that both the critics of the church and the church have wrong . all the best . have a good week . LOL .

        • Rocket,

          You speak to the issue of sexual abuse; “issues below the belt” as if it really has to do merely with ‘sex’, and not issues of abuse of power and betrayal at the deepest levels. Don’t you understand how this is a generational blight? The victims most commonly becoming abusers later on in life…

          I agree with Dave, the Catholic Church should be dissolved, and all of its wealth put into feeding the poor. Trusting a vile system to reform itself is reaching the depths of naivete.


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