Dandelion Salad’s Blog Posts Are Not Spam! by Lo

My First Peony

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

by Lo
Editor, Dandelion Salad
March 17, 2013

Apparently a few days ago someone posted a link to a blog post from Dandelion Salad onto their Facebook Wall and one (or more) of their friends marked it as “Spam”.

When that happens anyone who now posts a link to a blog post from Dandelion Salad or shares a link via their friends or the Dandelion Salad Page on Facebook has to put in a security code (captcha).

Also, when any links to Dandelion Salad on Facebook are clicked they are taken to the blog post with a message from Facebook at the top saying to mark it “Spam” or “Not Spam”. Please mark “Not Spam” so this can be resolved.

If anyone knows of an email address to contact Facebook directly, I would appreciate having it.

So, keep on marking the blog posts “Not Spam”.

Thanks, everyone!


P.S. The best way to keep up with the new posts on Dandelion Salad is to subscribe to the free daily newsletter. Facebook is not reliable.



Yeah! It is now resolved. Thanks to everyone for marking the posts “Not Spam”.

3 thoughts on “Dandelion Salad’s Blog Posts Are Not Spam! by Lo

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  2. Hang in there Lo! It’s what happens when you get very good and rise to the top in the blogosphere! Dandelion Salad is the best in the business thanks to their excellent editor and superb writers!

    Cheers, Tom

    • Thanks for your continued support, Dr. Tom, always appreciated.

      My educated guess is that it was someone that was not a regular DS reader who shared an older but popular blog post on his/her Facebook Wall and then one or more of his/her friends marked it “Spam” on their news feed. The blog post is of course, not spam, but it is disturbing and had photos that were very disturbing.

      When I posted it on Facebook a couple of years ago, I specifically wrote that the piece contained very graphic photos. I’m again guessing that the person who shared it on their Facebook Wall did not warn their friends ahead of time.

      It really doesn’t have to do with DS in general or the “superb” writers.

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