Exclusive: The Dangers of Technological Singularity by Rocket Kirchner

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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
March 20, 2013

Sherlock Holmes said, “When one tries to rise above nature, one is liable to fall below it.” Utopian thought has always been dangerous, and just in case you didn’t know it we are coming face to face with one whopper looming over the horizon in this century. It began with what was considered a relatively harmless ideology known as “Transhumanism” and has been exponentially accelerating toward what Vernor Vinge calls a technological singularity, or “the prediction wall”.

This form of singularity is believed to make a transition to a runaway feedback loop in high level autonomous machine computation. When I wrote an article on this blog about technoautism I did not think it would come to this. But exactly what is the “this”that it is coming to?

The goal of the Transhumanists is to use these techno and computational tools to their utmost capacity to eventually surpass human capacity. For this to be accomplished they must disfigure the human person in their original and natural dignity and form. This includes full corporate-government takeover of surveillance, genetic engineering, genetically modified foods, using full computerized control of the human brain, and the list goes on and on and on. In a word, turn us into obedient little zombies.

Some Transhumanists writings refer to this as humanity’s “Omega point”. This usage of those two words is a clear misuse of the world that Paleontologist and Jesuit Priest Teilhard de Chardin posited as human beings regathering into the great and eternal radial energy of a personal divine love, when all tangential energy falls by the wayside as described by Carnot’s second Law of thermodynamics.

Teilhard de Chardin writing in the 1940’s in his masterpiece, The Phenomenon of Man anticipated this perversion called Transhumanism coming. He warned with such clarity and vision that there would come along those who will substitute a technosingularity within the framework of current physical laws as the be all and end all instead of embracing a supernatural singularity to be found in Christ that transcends the law of physics.

de Chardin asks the question, “Are we seeing a mechanizing synergy under brute force, or a synergy of sympathy?” To de Chardin this one of brute force is not only limited to the law of physics but will imprison the human race in the name of freedom and transformation. According to Teilhard, the gentle personalism and inward ecstasy is only to be found in each individual’s inward spiritual journey. This alone completes our humanity.

Transhumanism and technosingularity can never break out of its own feedback loop, hence its ideology is an enemy of true evolution masquerading as evolution. This movement impedes planetary enlightenment and eclipses the authentic Omega Point. Why is this? Because we are analogue creatures. The world of digitization is a dark cloud hanging over us all and invading our analogue selves more than we have any idea. If we are aware of it, we can resist it. If we are not then we will be caught in this massive net as the machines move forward, and we will certainly become victims caught in a massive spider web as the long tentacles of the Technikon wreaks havoc on our souls.

This holds us back from a collective reunion with our loving Creator, and keeps us from becoming fully human. Our loving Creator seeks to bring us back into full harmony with each other and our planet. This culmination is called “Christogenesis”. May we settle for nothing less. Nothing counterfeit. May we retain and deepen our humanity by shunning this prediction wall.

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27 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Dangers of Technological Singularity by Rocket Kirchner

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  5. Hmm…all I will say is that I agree that “Transhumanism” is essentially what leads to [in metaphor] the plot of TERMINATOR.

    But there is also what I see as a total impossibility: a failure of the Divine Plan. The “devil” is in on the divine plot, whether he is aware of it or not.


    • the age old battle of good and evil ….yup . the more i study Transhumanism the more i become to really really hate it .

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  8. One might even argue that banishment from the SpiritGarden of Eden into these analog bodies/machines was the beginning of our fetishism of technology, and that our aim to master these bodies/machines and their environment ever since is the fruit of the Forbidden Fruit.

    As if the more time we spend away from Eden, studying the lessons of the Tree of Knowledge, the more we may be able to construct our own Eden. Babel before, the Internet 2.x today? Myths of Atlantis, the Flood/Babel narratives/prophets persistently warning us to desist, but we persist.

    But of course there is Manifest Hope when even one disproves the rule, and that one was Abraham. God Called and Abraham heard, and despite all of his and the world’s pilfered knowledge and evidence he remained Faithful: and was Rewarded; and through him were we all. And are we all. And shall we all remain.

    The utter madness of Abraham’s faith is God’s Entrance to fallen humanity, and it remains the Way and Guide Language of Peace and thus Safety through Man’s airy cathonic castles of ether built upon sand.

    “Before Abraham was I AM.” And that same Way Teaches me that before binary was, before ARPAnet was, before Turing was, before Babbage was, before Unix was, before ftp and telnet was, before transistors and silicon and gallium was, before bits and bytes and petaflops was, before UNIVAC and USB and USENET was, before var before = [b, e, f, o, r, e] was, before #before was,

    I AM.

    When technology, or drugs, libido, violence, what-have-you, is used as a tool to journey towards anything away from The Way, it is a tool being abused of its God-Made/Love-Made Purposes. This Singularity is an “Ascension” to the Glory of Man’s spirit, i.e., Death.

    We each have a choice how we use these tools God Has Given us to make; shall we beat swords into plowshares, or shall we beat pruning hooks into spears? Use our talents wisely or plummet down an endless well/Singularity of Death?

    I AM

    • Pat , right on . what can i add to that . in regards to your last line of choice for the human race , may i add Leonard Cohen’s famous line from the song ”The Future”………”Give me Christ , or give me Hiroshima ”.

      Teilhard de Chardin knew that we have this choice to be reconnected the ”I Am ” of the Eternal One ” ( Radial energy) –regathering , or be bound to the law of physics and perish.

    • ”Give me Christ , or give me Hiroshima ”

      Yes, x Infinity. :)

      The liberating nature of these post-modern technologies have liberated us, by and large, step-by-step, from our hearts.

      And it is our hearts we must liberate first and foremost.

      Thank you Rocket. Keep keepin’ on!!! :) +++

  9. Why try to avoid compressing fears that simply DO NOT EXISTS!

    I do not accept the premise that an all-consuming force that is against our GOD is going to threaten the human race from existing as GOD created. For in doing so I would have to acknowledge that power base as the counter to GOD or HIS rival as if that was so and is not so.

    Therefore it all comes down to MIND SET. As has been in the past and shall remain in the future the wars exist in our minds.

    • Dwight , make no mistake this is very real. have you ever read ”Paradise Lost ” by Milton ?

      well –you know –the trouble with normal is it always gets worse .

      the whole prophetic tradition in the old testament canon is one of constant warnings . well…the brave new world is upon us and is seeking to engulf us .

      that is why i wrote this article .

      you can ignore this all you want , but at your own peril pal .

      i agree that the war exists in our minds. The Techikon seeks to take over our minds ! this is the problem and it needs to be addressed .

      The Omega point can be reached another way –thru Christ –hence ”ChristoGenesis ”.

      • Rocket,
        We are not the first of the second Adams to be threatened to bow down to the beast and suffer death in many sordid ways; there is the term in the New Testament that says a Great Cloud of Witnesses surrounds us. Meaning many were in what we call heaven looking down from there that had been witnesses to what the rulers in Jesus time did to Him and as is so today.

        Now considering that as the truth THAT IT IS, we who have followed the things that Jesus said, being BORN AGAIN, we have no fear of man anymore, and it is that NO FEAR of man that makes the Beast Run.

        Therefore I stand behind my comments and if needs be can defend them.

        • Dwight –you are correct. we have no fear of man . but , we have a responsibility to warn men and women of this techno takeover. ..and offer them the alternative , which is ”the testimony of Jesus IS the spirit of prophecy” as the book of Revelation says .
          silence is complicity.

  10. I really liked (eco-philosopher) Joanna Macy’s suggestion that the reason we have (what I would call Monsanto dictatorship…) genetic engineering, obsessive techno-gimmickry, digital fetishism or whatever, is because of the lunatic assumption that Nature is “inadequate” & She (of course) must be “improved!” How incredibly stupid is that?

    How can anyone in their right mind presume to improve something they don’t even know that well & can only speculate about, never mind actually understand it sufficiently to modify it’s expression!?

    We are just clever monkeys poking our stick into holes, convinced it is an all-powerful wand. Monkey magicians.

    • David , having grown up in St Louis , the headquarters of Monsanto , i knew people who used to work there . After they retired they told me the truth about that place.

      What T-bone Burnett brings to the table in this discussion is the fact that we analogue creatures by nature , and that to digitize that is to upset the natural order of things. check out the long interview with him . its great. T-bone is working on ( at least in music ) of bringing things back analogue . the trouble with that is that it is hard to store without loosing quality . but if he can do it , it will help re-humanize music . that’s a start.

  11. If an artist who is moved by a supernatural force to be creative, why then is the subject of this argument always about “how can we place a monetary value on it with distribution methods and charge audiences for hearing or seeing this articulated creativity from one’s soul? If the soul is to be free, why is it made to be sold?

    Trending (on the internet) is like a wave at a baseball game. A few people do it and the rest of the bleacher audience continues it because, WOW, we can do this, but some of time trending starts by way of a PAID public relations effort.

    I find the singularity, the act of becoming collective with the rest of the planet and opening up distribution channels a way for personal freedom with the ability to create abundance for all and the one’s who always argue against it are only trying to keep a monetary system of control in place. Obviously, listeners of MP3’s don’t hear the problem, it’s only the artist trying to make money rather than art that despises it.

    • Rock on , it does not have to be this way . i have owned my own record company for 30 years and have never sold a record . and yet people have donated freely . if they are broke ..i tell them to take a record . this is the non corporate model . this is real freedom .

      you must see this as just one part of the issue . this techo singularity is serious biz . look at movies like ”Blade Runner ”, ”the 13th floor”, Gattica”.

      techo singularity is not ..i repeat not real unity of the human race. it seems that way , but this dark spectrum that appears so promising will turn on the human race and catch it in its web .

      the real Omega point will come another way .

  12. Again, it sounds like the problem is really money. Artists who really want to be artists will always be artists. If an artist stops being an artist because the internet might devalue it or the record company basically takes advantage of him or her, so he goes out and plays on the street where anyone can hear it and maybe dump some change in a cup. The value of artistry is always subjective to the individuals decision about it including the artist.
    What Burnett espouses is that an artist who wants to make money should continue to hide his art and be exclusive but he doesn’t know how to hide from a record company or the distribution functions that are so expensive only a large corporation handling all of that and then takes 95% of the musicians value as well. He hasn’t solved anything, created the analog distribution mechanism that he calls for. He would have to be engineer to do that.

    • Rock on — T-bone burnett is the greatest producer in the world . trust me on this one . he has worked with the finest machines in the world . he knows what he talking about . you don’t get 10 Grammys for doing nothing . if he says the future of music is analog , then it is analog .

      after this interview a lot of people were really pissed off at T-bone . but now there is a movement with people like jack white , wilco , and many others that are putting their work out in vinyl.

      i know T-Bone personally and the body of his work, as songwriter , and producer . He really understands what the future is . he does not miss very often on predictions . he also understand the work of Teilhard de Chardin .

      t-Bone’s challenge is to create analog that will last in storage . the word on the street is that he and some of his friends are getting closer by the day to figuring out how to do it . if so it will be a major blow to this techo singularity cloud that hangs over us all.

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