Happy International Water Day! + Hands Off Public Water Protest

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Water is life.

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Interview: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf marks World Water Day

Al Jazeera English on Mar 22, 2013

The United Nations says countries should work together to improve access to sufficient sanitation and clean water. The message is the central theme of this year’s World Water Day. According to the UN, 2.5 billion people do not have access to even basic sanitation, about a third of the world’s population. Every 20 seconds around the globe, a child dies because of poor sanitation. In Africa, 300 million people live in water scarce environments. And funding for infrastructure there is falling short by 115 million dollars a year. The result is devastating. 115 Africans die every hour from diseases linked to poor sanitation and unclean water. Al Jazeera’s Dareen Abughaida interviews Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in her capacity of goodwill ambassador for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa.


‘Hands Off Public Water’ protest at Leinster House

sinnfeinireland·Mar 21, 2013

Sign the petition here: http://www.right2water.eu
Sinn Féin Senator David Cullinane joins SIPTU protesters outside Leinster House to demand that the Government does not sell-off public water to private companies


Updated: Mar. 24, 2013

Israel denies Palestinians access to water

PressTVGlobalNews·Mar 24, 2013

A large solidarity walk has been organized in the Jordan Valley between Palestinian communities for World Water Day.

The walk was organized by the Freedom Theater from Jenin alongside the Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign group in order to bring awareness to the international community about Palestinian villagers and farmers whose water rights are denied by Israel’s discriminatory practices and denying Palestinians water rights.

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  4. Not sure if you’ve posted this one anywhere Lo, absolutely essential:
    Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu

      • Only 42,700?


        Thanks for the links…Green Gold is terrific, 48 mins ~ John Liu on his successful restoration projects with Geoff Lawton from PRI.

        It is utterly inspired stuff, so acutely relevant, all hands-on practical solutions, the right response to political problems. Also one of the projects is in Jordan, King Abdullah’s wife Rania organised it ~ but you won’t be hearing anything about that from Barack Monsanto…someone should send him a garden fork!

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