Noam Chomsky–2013 Annual Edward Said Memorial Lecture: Violence and Dignity–Reflections on the Middle East

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TheEthanwashere·Mar 23, 2013

Friends House in London on 18th March 2013

Professor Noam Chomsky, delivering the 2013 Edward W Said Lecture: Violence and Dignity — Reflections on the Middle East at Friends House in London on 18th March 2013. This video shows the full lecture, with introductions by Omar Al-Qattan and Mariam C Said.

The annual Edward W Said London Lecture is part of a series of cultural events and exhibitions programmed in association with The Mosaic Rooms ( and the A M Qattan Foundation ( to improve cultural and intellectual understanding of the Arabic world, and provide a platform for discourse and debate. The lecture is sponsored by The London Review of Books (

A number of books by Professor Chomsky are available in our online bookshop, including his latest publication Power Systems, a series of conversations with David Barsamian on global democratic uprisings and the new challenges to U.S Empire.

[Chomsky begins at 7:30]


Mar 24, 2013

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  7. Thank you Lo for posting this excellent lecture.

    For those who may be interested Ervand Abrahamian’s recent (2013) book is The Coup: 1953, The CIA, and The Roots of Modern U.S.-Iranian Relations.

    On the strength of Noam Chomsky’s recommendation (penultimate video #4 @ 9:10), I for one shall be reading this timely study.

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