Chris Hedges: Fascism USA–The Lie of Omission is Still a Lie

with Chris Hedges
Writer, Dandelion Salad
March 26, 2013

Tell Lie Visión

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RTAmerica·Mar 26, 2013

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, MSNBC’s programming is nearly 85 percent opinion – and they might not be alone when it comes to this trend. According to author Chris Hedges, the mainstream media ignores “what the corporate state wants ignored” and “they do not challenge or acknowledge the structures of corporate power.”

He joins us to explain how the corporate media sets the tone in the US and how the end result means items like the NDAA, warrantless wiretapping and the war on whistleblowers goes unreported.

Chris Hedges: mainstream media ignores ‘what the corporate state wants ignored’

Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign reporter covering wars in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His latest books are Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, Death of the Liberal Class, and The World as It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.


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22 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: Fascism USA–The Lie of Omission is Still a Lie

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  10. Thank you! This post has made my day – I so needed to watch this video. I will reblog and share it everywhere I can.

    There is a related post on my blog. Am wondering if you have come across this news on the upcoming Media Reform Conference, Denver, April 5th – 7th. It may be helpful to spread the word and if possible, participate:

  11. The only news I watch is Democracy Now, Aljazeera, and RT. The only problem with RT is that they constantly repeat most of the news through out the day. However they do Criticize MSNBC, CNN ad Fox.

  12. The media is corporately owned and operated and has become nothing more than mindless entertainment and propaganda. It is a crime against the American people. I canceled my cable TV a few years ago and never looked back. Don’t watch TV. Starve the beast.

    • It truly is a crime, Jill.

      I haven’t watched any TV (other than short “news” clips via Youtube) for almost 10 years. Zero commercials for me. A friend of mine sums up what TV (media) is for, “… to sell mattresses.”

  13. Dear Mr.Hedges, thanks for the video, it is all well known to me.
    I barely listen to our networks. Their is no real news there. I followed msnbc for a while last year about the states trying to get fit of unions.
    Evenou leaders, its most of the time the same story being told.
    I read overseas newspapers, link tv, rt news, press tv, Dutch tv programs when they are the discussing something, like the Greek banks the other day. Also I did see their our prison abuse in Iraq.
    Read Global Research, some times prison planet, information clearing house.
    Veterans today, has good article. Than veterans for peace. Look at the strange weather, this time of year so much snow in Western Europe.
    Syria is just being set up so the Sunnis can get control there, with the help from Sunni Saudi en Qatar, that they have human rights abuse does ot matter do our government, we are in bed with them, bases there and now their oil is important and the gas from Qatar. That Syria ha a pipeline deal with Iran is not in their interest. And Turkey wants his water pipeline from the Ataturk dam through Syria to Israel.
    And the deal with Russi, their gas goes to Europe. But our goverment
    Want to be in charge of these deals together with their buddies.
    That thousands of people are getting killed is not their concern, that’s just to safe face if they say so. Getting our soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq is just a days work. When you can you with a smile on your face when Gadaffi got butchered, we came, we saw, he died, ….I say, wow, no feelings, no concern. Just part of the job.
    People who watch only main stream media, don’t really know what is going on and are not interested, still find that we went to war justifiable.
    I believe they are still looking for oil too in Afghanistan. Iraq lost the control over their oilfields, what was the intent in the first place.
    The gas or/and oil fields in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is oing to be a hot spot too.
    You wrote an article about the prisons, people don’t care. Unless it involves a family member.
    I am disturb by the long person sentence of the Iraqi doctor, an oncologist, who send medicines and funds to Iraq, because of our sanctions. So you are not allowed to send medicine to safe children lives, you end up in jail in the land of the free and brave?
    Free??? While freedoms are being taken away, want to force immunizations on you? Brave?? Whisteblowers who are being thrown in jail. So nobody will report abuse, don’t want to get involved in this system without justice.
    Monsanto food, bad air, pesticides, fluoride in the water, animals full of anti biotics and hormones and we consume those. Fish with mercury.
    Immunization shots with mercury and I heard also allumium.
    In everything corn syrup. Low income people cannot afford to buy healthy food of lots of vegetables and fruits. To make their own juice,
    To buy a healthier bread, better types of meat and fish. Than they wonder the obesity rate. Junk food fills them up.
    Whether you want to climate warming or climate change, people still are not concerned. Certain areas too cold, others to hot. One place to dry others too wet. Bigger mega storms.
    I wished Phil Donahue was still on and bring some serious information.
    Gues the government don’t want you to be informed, keep them dumb and happy, mindless movies about nonsense, sports, dancing with the stars and you keep the people happy. Don’t show them the raw, true story about the wars, it might upset them. They can watch movies with
    Lots of violence, but don’t show them the true facts of life.
    When will the people wake up or are they so unconcerned what happen to other people? Too many see people from Islam nations as the enemy. Brainwashed after 9/11, they never were thinking about that group before. Yes radical Islam is a concern, but fundamental Christians can be very hostile too.
    At to that strict Judaism and you mix those together and the fight is on.
    Where is this world going? More financial disasters coming.

  14. Thanks for the upload! That was a very good video. I think most news today is just garbage. It’s nothing but mind pollution. And a distortion of reality. I would say 85% of it is nonsense. But of course we’re living in a culture where many get their “information” from

  15. Occupy The Lame Street Media. Put valuable stories on FB sites of the MSM, for starters. Peace!

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