What Religious Leaders Want to Tell Obama on Easter

Drones protest by Codepink at Senator Feinstein's home

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

bravenewfoundation·Mar 27, 2013

How can we hold our heads high when remote-controlled, killer aircraft are raining death and destruction on populations half a world away?


Robert Greenwald on The Young Turks on 3/27/13

bravenewfoundation·Mar 27, 2013

Robert Greenwald joins Cenk Unger and the Young Turks in the studio to discuss why religious leaders are joining forces to denounce U.S. Drone Policy.


What Jesus Said About Resurrection (reposted)

Art Katz: And They Crucified Him (repost)

Establishing Dictatorships: Lessons from History by Steven Jonas

The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State by Chris Hedges

Obama’s Attorney General Backs Drone Strikes On US Soil + Rand Paul’s Senate Filibuster of Brennan Nomination

Chris Hedges: Obama Has Carried On All the Policies of Bush in Terms of Imperial War and Worse on Civil Liberties (#NDAA)

The American Manifest Destiny by Clive Hambidge

21 thoughts on “What Religious Leaders Want to Tell Obama on Easter

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  6. To continue our talk here:
    I mean to discover the existing posts too – they are brilliant and indeed numerous.

    It is true: I was too fast in my “judgement” after first sight. My only “excuse”: I stumbled upon your blog after a long and hard search, and after a lot of disappointments and frustration. What I especially grew wary of are any religion-related topics, as they normally pop up in irrational and irrelevant context.

    Your blog is a notable exception.

    • Well, thank you again. Much appreciated.

      The religious posts are in the minority compared to the other political posts, however, around Easter and Christmas there are notably more. You and any of the regular readers are welcome to read/view and comment, or ignore those posts.

      Personally, I cannot think of anyone more radical, more revolutionary, more for social justice, and anti-empire than Jesus. So, I do believe the religious posts are relevant to the other political articles/videos on this blog.

      • “Personally, I cannot think of anyone more radical, more revolutionary, more for social justice, and anti-empire than Jesus. So, I do believe the religious posts are relevant to the other political articles/videos on this blog.”

        You are right. From such perspective the topic can be addressed with a hugely relevant message. My doubts are mostly coming from my observation that religion as such is a highly emotional topic, it triggers before it can communicate and it rarely happens that people would adjust their religious (or non-religious) world-view according to rational considerations. (If only they would …)

        But regardless of above, each of us have a certain scope within which we can relate and/or focus on certain topics and your blog offers a refreshingly wide range.

        I am very thrilled to have found your blog and am gratified that you visited mine. Thank you 🙂

  7. I am commenting on the comments I just read here and found quite off-base. What am I missing here, what “killing list” of Obama’s? I thought this was a rational blog. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the world would realise by now that party politics, presidents, Easters, religions, and spaghetti monsters, etc have NOTHING to do with the hell we are going through. It is being orchestrated at a much higher level for a much more monetary purpose. Are you guys aware of this, but for some unimaginable reason pretend to be not to?

      • I apologise for the misunderstanding 🙂

        I did admit I was merely commenting on the commenting and obviously didn’t get the point. I didn’t mean to judge or offend either, rather to point at a necessity – due to a sense of urgency- to focus on only issues of the highest relevance.

        I agree these are valid points, but it is like swimming in the middle of an ocean. If we would try to address all details of daily politics, lies, false accusations, personal attacks, etc, out there, we would never get to the end of them – this is why they feed us with them: to occupy our attention, energy and time while they are frying a much bigger fish behind the scenes.

        • Apology accepted.

          Personally, I believe that this issue of drone use and kill lists (without due process) is of the highest relevance (that’s why I posted these videos).

          Hope you’ll stick around and see the new posts on Dandelion Salad. It varies from week to week; most of the publishing is done on the weekends and there are many different issues/topics under-reported in the corporate media by writers from around the world. Generally I post the videos.

        • Thanks, healing wanderer. I appreciate you wanting to check out the future posts here. I’m very fortunate to have some very fine writers. While I don’t always agree with them, I do learn from them.

  8. every drone bomb this president drops and kills every person around where it hits is crucifying Christ all over again .

  9. What I would like to tell that guy is: there is always room for one more IN HELL! And one day he will pay dearly for deceiving an entire planet – elite excluded.

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