Missile Defense Arc Being Created Across Asia-Pacific by Bruce Gagnon


Image by #PACOM via Flickr

by Bruce Gagnon
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Organizing Notes
March 26, 2013

As part of Obama’s recent announcement about expanding “missile defense” (MD) systems in Alaska, along with studies to determine a possible site for an East Coast base in the US, the Pentagon also announced a second MD X-band radar would go into Japan.

The US military uses X-band radars to precisely track the trajectory of an “enemy” ballistic missile, allowing its forces to launch Army ground-based (PAC-3) and Navy sea-based (SM-3) interceptors as soon as a missile is detected.

The Kyogamisaki base in Japan, on the Sea of Japan coast, has been selected as the site to deploy the second radar unit.

While the US claims that its MD program is aimed at North Korea’s tiny nuclear program, the growing numbers of systems now being deployed in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Okinawa (and the direction they point) indicate they are in actuality being used against China.

Some reports have indicated that the Pentagon is also considering plans to deploy a third radar somewhere else in the region like the Philippines to create an “arc” across East Asia to bolster MD capabilities.


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4 thoughts on “Missile Defense Arc Being Created Across Asia-Pacific by Bruce Gagnon

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  4. I’m beginning to get this strategic “de facto” picture, of an imperialist US-NATO alliance “surrounding” a Multinational Earth. Where does all this lead?

    Britannia “ruled the waves” of a piratical empire upon which the “sun never set.” Our satellite orchestrated world presents challenges of an altogether different moral and ecological scale.

    Perhaps the NASA-Pentagon comic-book dreamers have actually only ever read science fiction, like Arthur C Clarke’s “Imperial Earth” for example. By whose Law, or in the name of what, do these fantasists intend to rule the planet and beyond? Gravity?

    Elements within the US establishment seem to have been obsessed with China ever since the (19th, since when it has been an alluring exotic realm and a glittering prize, the future jewel in their “monkey see” imperial crown.

    Perhaps there is some kind of cultural transference operating here, the same racist notion that prevailed about Native populations of the Americas, only towards “primitive orientals” who need the guiding hand of a civilizing despotic US (family) compact.

    As Russia announces it’s Moon venture, I suspect China has a few surprises in store for these clever US chattering primates, even yet.

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