Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America from Monsanto to Wal-Mart + The Monsanto Protection Act

Monsanto GMO Biohazard

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democracynow·Apr 2, 2013 – Wenonah Hauter, the executive director of Food & Water Watch, joins us to discuss her new book, “Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America.” Hauter tackles the corporations behind the meat, vegetables, grains and milk consumed by millions every day — including some of the most popular organic brands. “Foodopoly” details how a handful of large corporations control the nation’s food production in ways that limit how small-farms operate and how ordinary people make choices in grocery stores. And in the wake of the recently passed provision dubbed by critics as “the Monsanto Protection Act,” Hauter also discusses the new report by Food & Water Watch, “Monsanto: A Corporate Profile.”


The Monsanto Protection Act? A Debate on Controversial New Measure Over Genetically Modified Crops

democracynow·Apr 2, 2013 – President Obama outraged food activists last week when he signed into law a spending bill with a controversial rider that critics have dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act.” The rider says the government must allow the planting of genetically modified crops even if courts rule they pose health risks. The measure has galvanized the U.S. food justice movement, which is now preparing for its next fight when the provision expires in six months. We host a discussion on the “Monsanto Protection Act” and the safety of genetically modified foods with two guests: Gregory Jaffe, director of the Biotechnology Project at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization that addresses food and nutrition issues; and Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch and author of the book, “Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America.” On Wednesday, Hauter’s group is releasing a major new report called, “Monsanto: A Corporate Profile.”



Monsanto Protection Act signed into Law

PressTVGlobalNews·Apr 2, 2013

The recent spending bill which threatened a government shutdown was signed into law last week, easing the minds of many Washington politicians.

But lesser known is Section 735 of the bill, officially titled the Farmer Assurance Provision but since nicknamed the Monsanto Rider or the Monsanto Protection Act.

The provision protects large biotechnology companies like Monsanto from being taken to federal court should a genetically modified organism be discovered as being harmful to the consumer.


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  12. Apologies Lo, but I’m mad as hell…outraged at Obama’s complicity in such blatantly criminal ecocidal violations of the public good. You know, the meat grinder is a perfect metaphor for American policy, both foreign and domestic.

    The world needs the American people to resist this rapacious poisonous tyranny. It is organised desecration on a global scale. What senator Blunt is advocating, and the evils he condones are far more dangerous than even Saddam Hussein’s worst excesses. It must be STOPPED.

    Monsanity should be sued off this planet ~ banned forever. Let’s process the corporate trash. Good riddance!

  13. Unbelievable! This public abomination is the final straw.

    If there ever was any doubt about the venal criminality of these insane demagogues, this is now permanently dispelled. This is deliberate ecocide.

    Why the special exemption for Monsanto and their affiliates?
    It must be because they are intimately implicated in the US security agenda, for biological warfare “research and development.”

    The only other explanation is population control through poisoning of the land, to render the vast populations of the Earth utterly bereft of self-determination or rights of any kind to natural food and health care.

    If this wasn’t actually happening, if it were made up, no-one would believe it.

    Is the United Nations so corrupt and coerced by US corporate interests that it is powerless now to do anything to block this fascistic nightmare?

    • David , i grew up near Monsanto headquarters and man oh man i talk to the retirees and they tell me storys . as blues man Elmore James said ”dont start me to talking …..

      • Rocket please give us those Monsanity blues!

        The more we know about this deeply insidious, unregulated and now “exempt” lethal monopoly the better for all of us…at least then we can demonstrate enough incriminating evidence to prove the case for its eradication.

        Personally I think this stuff is more potentially toxic to our planet than depleted uranium, and that’s saying something.

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