Glen Ford: U.S. Imperialism Hopping on Just One Leg

"anche il 9 aprile" "per un piano alternativo di rifiuti.... SMASH IMPERIALISM!"

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strugglevideomedia -Apr 6, 2013

Glen Ford of Black Agenda Reports speaks at Trinity College (Hartford) March 2013.


Journalist Says “Lords of Capital” Dominate U.S. Political Life

Trinity College
March 4, 2013


Although Ford, whose program airs on the Progressive Radio Network, was slated to speak about “Black Politics, Obama and Foreign Policy,” President Barack Obama was largely a footnote at the end of his talk. Instead, he spoke mostly about European and American imperialism and exploitation of what used to be called Third World Countries but today are more commonly described as developing nations.


About two-thirds of the way through his lecture, Ford got around to discussing Obama; he was no more complimentary of his policies than of his predecessors. Ford described Obama’s foreign policy as “insidious,” and alleged that the administration doesn’t view war as the last resort but as a “good thing to do” if it’s perceived to be in the country’s best interest. And he said Obama has waged war in the name of “humanitarianism.”




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3 thoughts on “Glen Ford: U.S. Imperialism Hopping on Just One Leg

  1. First class lecture. Forget about that white man’s burden, the only burden is ignorance.

    Glen Ford performs us a great service, disabusing us of our gullible confidence in spurious narratives spun out of sheer prejudice. His analysis is coherent and entirely supported by indisputable facts.

    The mythic US(A) no longer exists, it no longer represents its people even in principle, it is just an eviscerated front for corporate de facto global control. Symbol has become the only instrumental reality wielded by undeserving potentates of finance capital.

    It is profoundly instructive to reflect on the extent to which historical discourse is determined by ideological positions that are utterly illusory.

    When I first arrived in N America in the sixties, in a Toronto that actually still felt Canadian, had wooden buildings of character, diverse cultural communities and was a true “global village” where countless resourceful Americans were happily defying the draft, I encountered the life changing realities of “orange sunshine” and all the corollary associations of which I had no real inkling previously. After I moved to Nova Scotia and read books like Dee Brown’s “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” and listened to the Light Side and the Dark Side of Dick Gregory, the scales really began to fall from my eyes and I experienced the first indications of what it meant to have a heart.

    Exposing sophist pseudo-philosophical postures, calling the bluff of a privileged “secure” world view, is bound to elicit deep discomfort ~ especially for those who still want to believe in the infallibility of their own congenitally disposed culturally conditioned projections.

    Possession may be nine parts of the law, but control by force is the disproportionate one tenth, supposedly, that clinches the game. Of course, its one thing to deploy technical military “superiority,” it’s quite another to sustain the moral authority to exercise it.

  2. Glen Ford recount of European and American history

    Who among us could ever deny the tracks left in the sands of time? I new parts but not the whole, some things I knew I could fill in the things not said, but as far as a good oversight of our American history Glen did it.

    Then I questioned and still do how could my family members dating way back been such fools. Then I thought again about those family members tracks in the sands of time and they were NOT FOOLS.

    They raised their children to support their families they were ALL taught to be kind to their neighbors and lend a helping hand and support for those in need. They all worked the work to limit the intrusion of BIG GOVERNMENT in their daily lives. Many of them help to create CREDIT UNIONS to avoid the banks, many others help to create CO-Ops that in turn supplied electricity to those off the grid at that time. Then came the need to create a CO-OP to supply those in need of good clean water.

    Therefore after going back and looking as their tracks in the sand, I am proud to say that they were not fools at all — there time on planet earth they severed man and God very well.

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