Chris Hedges and Andrew Harvey: The Time For Action Is Now Before It’s Too Late

with Chris Hedges
Writer, Dandelion Salad
April 8, 2013

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Progressive Commentary Hour – Conversations With Great Minds
Gary Null
April 8, 2013


Among Chris’ many noteworthy books are “American Fascists” (about the fundamental Christian Right), “Empire of Illusion”, and “Death of the Liberal Class”. His latest is “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt”  – a  compelling hard look at the most impoverished regions in the US that have become what Chris calls “sacrifice zones” for the benefit of the  powerful and wealthy.

Andrew Harvey is an internationally renowned religious scholar, teacher, and author of over thirty books.  He is the founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization dedicated to inspiring people to become more active and vital in challenging our global crises and to commit themselves to peace and sustainability.


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Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign reporter covering wars in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His latest books are Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, Death of the Liberal Class, and The World as It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.


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7 thoughts on “Chris Hedges and Andrew Harvey: The Time For Action Is Now Before It’s Too Late

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  4. As I keep saying…the longer we wait to start a world-wide social revolution the harder it is going to be to dislodge that ilk. Guillotine them all, I say.

    • vera that is hilarious…on a practical note though ~ it will be very difficult to call, as its not just the greedy power-crazed ring-leaders who are at fault so much as the idiots who do their bidding, like congressmen and clever “shareholders” & “peace-officers” and “security personnel” & “patriots” and “loyalty” club members & mindless fans of consumer cult gimmickry like iphones, and people who delight in silly degrees, and Bill Gates and ostentatious festive military decorations, obscene scrambled egg, gongs and and tinpot medals in general ~ in fact the whole toy-town gallery of twits, rogues and infidels…so ~ maybe you’re right!

  5. Very powerful and insightful interview w/ Chris Hedges and Andrew Harvey about what we can do as the US is in the death throws of its existence. The window of opportunity is quickly closing for us to do anything.

    The Obama administration has put everything in place. They’ve passed the NDAA so US citizens who dissent can be taken away by the military and locked away indefinitely w/out due process. The environment is collapsing. The politicians, military, media and fake left are bought and paid for by the corporations who are in charge. Evil is at work here and evil is winning.

    One must act in order to remain human. Unfortunately, most Americans are so dumbed down and numbed out by mindless entertainment and illusions as not to be able to think anymore and have chosen to ignore or defy what is actually going on or simply opt out. Do so at your own risk.

  6. Extreme dupes of the media facade will refuse to accept this state of affairs, so things will carry on, and people will persist in believing in what they want to believe; a ship of fools will sail on oblivious of the clear and present hazards.

    Short of a nuclear exchange in Korea, my sense is that the real game changer will be a planetary convulsion, a great seismic event that will tip the scale. That could happen anywhere from California to Istanbul.

    An international civil emergency might change the priorities, precipitate the necessary shift.

    We shall see.

    In the meantime, we must absorb the implications of the new round of staggering revelations, the latest cables and the offshore tax haven details. Banking is a zero sum, money never disappears; so the US $16 trillion debt just happens to be 50% of what is now said to be hidden in secret accounts.

    What a curious coincidence.

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