Chris Hedges: What Is The Most Effective Way To Mobilize Against These Entities? I’m For Anything That Fucks The System Up!

Resolution opposing indefinite detention under NDAA introduced at San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

with Chris Hedges
Writer, Dandelion Salad
April 7, 2013


Watch at greenpartyus

[Hedges starts about 8 minutes into the video.]

Updated April 14, 2013

Chris Hedges Speaking at Green Party Meeting 4-7-2013

newsworthyable – Apr 12, 2013

Chris Hedges talk at the Green Party of New Jersey meeting on Sunday April, 7 2013 (Please excuse the poor quality video)

This is the last 1/2 hour of an hour talk with Q and A concerning how to effectively make a positive difference in our society and globally in a peaceful, non-violent way. Protesters and Activists can learn a lot from this man, he has seen governments rise and fall.

Hedges is critical of the Green Parties lack of concreteness but gives some good advice if the Green Party wants to be a viable force to be reckoned with in the next elections. The time has come to listen, act and stand for justice and peace.

The planet is in intensive care though we are in denial of this and posterity is at risk of inheriting a irreversibly damaged ecosystem if we do not act now.

Listen to his “Calling All Rebels” speech in Berkeley 2010 to give you a taste of how critical things, politically, socially, morally, financially and environmentally has become.

The clock is ticking and we need to move forward or be left behind in the wake of all the corporate destruction and wasteland of a soon to be future. […]


Updated April 22, 2013; better audio/video

Chris Hedges Strategy for Radical Change at Green Party of New Jersey Convention

seecraig – Apr 17, 2013

Chris Hedges spent two decades as a foreign reporter covering wars in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His latest books are Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, Death of the Liberal Class, and The World as It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress.

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8 thoughts on “Chris Hedges: What Is The Most Effective Way To Mobilize Against These Entities? I’m For Anything That Fucks The System Up!

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  8. Strong stuff.

    I totally agree, enough talking and shuffling of destructive paper around the block, we need to get off that comforting “conference carousel” stop massaging our egos, and get on with the real work of grass roots initiatives, media resistance, transition economics, permaculture, bioremediation, forests of hemp to save trees, a science-based marine conservation force, prison reforms, indigenous rights, wild capital, eco-law, sustainable Asian innovation….

    From a European perspective, the obvious thing that needs to happen as I see it, is the radical abolition of existing global banking institutions ~ first and foremost in the US, through the establishment of state, local and regional banks, new credit unions, worker operated stake-holding initiatives, green building societies, co-ops, ethical funds….

    I think the solution to the “euro-crisis,” will be to create four different European currencies, and let the ECB sort out the differences. Of course none of this will happen without serious, effective and enforceable reforms that eradicate tax-haven fraud, money laundering and mobster economics under the blanket of corporate exemption and government hand-outs.

    It really is time to cleanse the Augean stables once and for all. If the “West” doesn’t move now and change its tune, the “East” will be calling the shots, and some of those policies will be hugely undesirable and have devastating outcomes.

    If we are Idle No More we can take back our respective governments, starting at the local level. Once you have a critical mass of self-determined local networks, organisations and institutions, they will rapidly overtake and mutate the dominant monopoly carcinogenic controls.

    Healthy cells, strong immunity.

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