Noam Chomsky: The Gospels Are Radical Pacifist Documents

Gospel Graffiti II

Image by Peat Bakke via Flickr

Dandelion Salad

with Noam Chomsky

replaced video Mar. 20, 2015

ömer bozdogan – Jan 1, 2014

Noam Chomsky (April, 2013) Interview (Hugo Chavez’s death, Pope, and other topics)


Is the Catholic Church Ready for a Black Pope? by Finian Cunningham

Anti-Catholic Writers and the Politics of Genitalia by Rocket Kirchner

The Latest Threats To Life As We Know It by William Blum

I Personally Believe That Hugo Chávez Was Murdered By The United States by William Blum

The Sociocide of Iraq by Bush/Cheney by Ralph Nader

Noam Chomsky: Obama Not Willing To Support Palestinian Rights

Progressives Who Become More Progressive After Their Conversion to Christ by Rocket Kirchner

Romero (1989) + Chomsky on Oscar Romero + Massacre during Romero’s funeral (must-see)


19 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky: The Gospels Are Radical Pacifist Documents

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  18. First time i saw Chomsky speak live , his speech was on the rights of the Palestinians . during Q and A , a guy got up and said ”Professor Chomsky , you are an enemy of Israel ”.
    He said ”thank you for the compliment sir , that was said about Elijah and many of the Hebrews Prophets . i guess i am in good company ”

    It is time in the history of the Church to canonize the late Archbishop Romero who was gunned down saying mass , and shouting to the government ”stop the repression !”. He was no liberation theologican . he said to a preist ”when you pick up a gun you lose God . Romero did not fit into any camp . but the Salvadorian people already see him as a Saint . Rome needs to see that too and get busy with the canonization process . For just as Cardinal Henry Newman said ” The laity is the corrective measure to the heirarchy in Rome . so be it !

    Chomsky grings up Vatican 2 and a return to the radical documents of the gospels . yes yes yes !

  19. Truly an intellectual’s intellectual!

    Professor Noam Chomsky is our most courageous, comprehensive, forthright and consistently honest living historian.

    Of course, a nuclear-free Middle-east is what most sane human beings would or should endorse; and it could, in effect, set the precedent for global “atomic” disarmament. What chance of that though, when the all powerful nuclear industry rules and its ultimate destructive efficacy through radio-logical weaponry confers Godlike powers?

    US-proxy “Israel” loves to play its pseudo-Jewish card, subtly conscripting the genius of Einstein, Oppenheimer and others to the Zionist machinery of dominance. They’ll never let go of the most lethal ordnance in history, until they can deploy or control something even more powerful, like “HAARP,” gravity waves or bio-pharmaceutical warfare agents secretly concocted by the Monsanto-led government run cabal of zoophobes.

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