Richard Wolff VS Joseph Minarik: Debate on Social Security

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TheRealNews – Apr 13, 2013

Joseph Minarik (former chief economist of the Office of Management and Budget for eight years during the Clinton Administration) and economist Richard Wolff take on President Obama’s proposed changes to Social Security.



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7 thoughts on “Richard Wolff VS Joseph Minarik: Debate on Social Security

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  5. This is money paid in by workers; this is money that belongs to workers and no government has the right to touch this. Why not make cuts where they would really help: the entire military complex…for starters. What an anti-social nation!

  6. Debate means in this case oppose

    Time means much to me maybe for some it means less. In this Debate truth telling was not a part of the topic thus lies were allowed to be told time and time again, then at the end of the 25 minutes one having no knowledge of the subject before hand would have 2 to 5 hours of study ahead.

    So why then would this forum be allowed to be shown?

    MY TAKE Wolff knocked out Minarik in first round.

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