Great Political Movies You May Have Overlooked by Rocket Kirchner

Movie Night [14/366]

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by Rocket Kirchner
Writer, Dandelion Salad
Rocket Kirchner (blog)
Rocket Kirchner (youtube channel)
April 15, 2013

1. Metropolis. Fritz Lang’s 1927 German Expressionistic futuristic masterpiece. The Commies loved it. The Nazis loved it. Both the religious and secularists loved it. One wild ride into the politico-socio matrix.

Dj Daihatsu on May 29, 2014

2. 12 Angry Men. One dissenter on a murder trial cast doubt and fury in the jury room.

3. Touch of Evil. Another Orson Welles masterpiece. 50 years ahead of its time on border issues.

4. Milk. Sean Penn walks away with the Oscar about Harvey Milk, the most effect gay rights advocate in all of American history because he cared about the disabled and elderly, and not just about gay rights only. This flick is a heads up to the gay community to care about more than just the lower half of their bodies and the rest of the non-gays will care about gay rights.

5. Man Facing Southeast. Trippy Brazilian flick about one guy in an insane asylum that by standing in the same spot every day challenges the whole mental health treatment there. A sort of K-Pax … but weirder.

6. Patton. An epic of one WWII nonpolitical General’s stand against an entire political system.

7. Brubaker. Robert Redford at his best. Strong flick about prison reform. As Brubaker said, “The enemy of prison reform is so called prison reformers”.

8. Triumph of the Will. Riefenstahl’s perfect Messianic propaganda about Hitler. The camera angles are out of sight. How did she do that? A big budget from the Reich, and an eye for detail.

9. The Third Man. Graham Green’s writing, Carol Reed’s directing, and Orson Welles acting. How can you go wrong? Vienna carved up 4 ways after the War, and Welles playing a strong villain who knows how to work all sides off each other to make a buck. A film noir masterwork.

10. Alphaville. 1965 French film. Godard at his finest. Strange mix of science fiction and noir. A planet run by a computer that has dictated that love be outlawed, punished by the death penalty.

11. An Unreasonable Man. Documentary of the indestructible integrity and myriad of accomplishments of Ralph Nader against corporate government abuses. After you see this you might wonder why you did not vote for him as president.

12. Sullivan’s Travels. Preston Sturges straddles the fence between humor, intrigue, and danger during the great depression.

13. The Front. Woody Allen. The McCarthyite blacklisted writers using the Allen character as a front to try and make a living. Don’t expect one laugh here folks. This is one of Woody’s serious ones.

14. Manufacturing Consent. Noam Chomsky. First rate documentary of the media being in bed with its advertisers in sync with the United States Government. No conspiracy here folks. Chomsky sticks with the facts. Just the facts Ma’am.

15. Lawrence of Arabia. Another politically charged David Lean epic. Need I say more?

16. Medicine Man. Sean Connery. A real sleeper. One man’s battle to save the rain forest and find the cure for cancer at the same time. A tall order. Great sound track too!

17. Red State. This is the latest installment from Kevin Smith, and boy is it a weird bizarre whopper. A cult takes on the U.S. Government. It is a showdown at the OK Corral. This one is bent bent bent sideways.

18. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. I know I know, more Capracorn. But doggonit I can’t help it! We got to root for this rookie in all his constitutional innocence fighting graft in D.C. My fav line, “Some people don’t know the difference between liberty and a sock in the nose”.

19. The Gladiator. My kind of movie! General reduced to slave that takes on the Emperor.

20. Thirteen Days. Kevin Costner. The Cuban Missile crisis. Talk about a job with pressure. Imagine being in the White house trying to settle this crisis. Costner steals the show.

Feel free to share your favorite political movies.

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14 thoughts on “Great Political Movies You May Have Overlooked by Rocket Kirchner

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    • K–”’REDS’ is an epic masterpiece. considered to be the most accurate historical movie ever made. but once i start with Warren Beatty, i would have to add ”Bulworth ”. ..and others . He is in a category of his own .

  2. Rocket: fascinating selection of versatile genres, essential topics, great historical figures and brilliant artists.

    “Before quality movies become extinct” could be an alternative title for the post.

    As for me, indeed, you guessed it right, I saw only half of these and even those I can hardly remember.

    • healing ,” Man facing Southeast ” is really a unique movie . A must that really shows the flaws of insane asylums . if you have seen K-Pax , in that same almost plot but better.
      also the French movie ”Alphaville”. wow !

      there is too much on movies , so i narrowed the subject matter down to politics .

  3. Pingback: Before Books Become Extinct by Rocket Kirchner | Dandelion Salad

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