CISPA: Worse Than The Patriot Act + CISPA Internet Blackout April 22

FISA - illegal domestic spying - feb 2001, BEFORE 9/11

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Updated April 25, 2013 and April 26, 2013

breakingtheset – Apr 19, 2013

Abby Martin talks to Michelle Richardson, Legislative Counsel with the ACLU, about the renewed push for CISPA, and how its implications could be worse than the Patriot Act.


Anonymous: CISPA Internet Blackout April 22nd | #CISPABlackout

anonymous64eu on Apr 21, 2013

Dear citizens of the internet,

We are Anonymous.

The United States Government is again attempting to control and censor the internet. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act has just recently passed the house.

This bill would allow major internet entities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google to voluntarily share your personal information with the U.S. Government. This will not only effect users in the United States, but also anyone with an account with these companies.

This upcoming Monday, April the 22nd, we invite you to join Anonymous in a internet blackout. We encourage all web developers and website owners to go dark on this date. Display a message as to why you are going dark, and encourage others to do the same.

We hope, just like the successful protest over the Stop Online Piracy Act, we can encourage the senate to stop this bill.

Spread the message, and inform the world.

We are Anonymous
We are the people
We are the internet

Knowledge is free



CISPA killed by the Senate

RTAmerica – Apr 25, 2013

A lot is coming out of the tech world this week, and one of the major developments is that the Senate will almost certainly kill a controversial cybersecurity bill recently passed by the House. Senators are understood to be drafting separate bills that will maintain the information sharing provisions asked for in CISPA – the recently House-approved Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act – while supposedly preserving civil liberties and privacy rights. Carl Franzen, a reporter from The Verge, joins us for more.



CISPA Spying Already in Effect | Big Brother Watch

breakingtheset – Apr 26, 2013

Abby Martin looks at recently disclosed documents that show how the federal government has been using a secret cyber security program to monitor online traffic despite existing federal anti-wiretapping laws.


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