Jeremy Scahill: Dirty Wars: Terror Begets Terror

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breakingtheset on Apr 29, 2013

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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Jeremy Scahill, investigative journalist and author of the new book and upcoming film ‘Dirty Wars’, an exposé on the expansion of American covert wars fought by US intelligence agencies and the Joint Special Operations Command. They talk about covert operations happening in countries like Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan, where drone strikes and targeted assassinations are creating resentment of the US, and how the decline of journalism has prevented the American public from seeing the full story. Scahill also discusses instances of extra-judicial killings of American citizens, and the importance of understanding the roots of radicalization and the motives behind the concept of blowback against the US’ “Dirty Wars”.


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  3. Jeremy I’ve met you, we’ve talked … you DO NOT believe that BinLaden bullshit! Please, tell me you don’t believe that bullshit…

  4. I listened to Jeremy Scahill’s interview on Democracy Now! & immediately ordered his book.

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