Norman Finkelstein: How to Solve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Part 1 of 3: Possibility

jeannekyle on May 11, 2013


Part 2 of 3: Propaganda


Part 3 of 3: Challenges


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7 thoughts on “Norman Finkelstein: How to Solve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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  7. Norman Finkelstein has such a wry sense of humour, that really helps to get across what is in truth a starkly dour point ~ otherwise too hard to accommodate.

    The world upholds and resorts to the rule of international law, but Israel is defiantly in contempt of that ecumenical court; a position that is utterly extraordinary for an allegedly legal entity, that purports to base its entire legitimacy and ethical existence on the premise of the sanctity, literalness and stature of Mosaic law.

    The Zionist state behaves like a psychotic teenager who is always appealing to its older US sibling ~ an equally sad and sick delinquent but with far more weight and messianic delusions.

    In the eyes of the world, Israel and the US are therefore outlaws in the true sense ~ rogue states who are massive terrorist liabilities for the global community of nations.

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